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Top Recommended Cat Products

Top Recommended Cat Products

These are the products I use for my cats every day. After 30+ years of experience, these are the products I have found to be superior in effectiveness, value and ease of use. My cats agree! These are my top recommended cat products which are all available on Just click the images to shop, or click the links to read my reviews.

My Favorite Cat Foods

The Purina Beyond line is superior in nutrition, value and has grain free options. Real meat or fish is the first ingredient and there is no by-product meal or random fillers.

I feed my cats Purina Beyond Indoor Grain Free with Salmon, Egg and Sweet Potato. My cat is throwing up much less on this food and it does not cause diarrhea which is a problem for him on many other foods. All four of my cats including short haired, long haired, male, female, older and adult cats love this food. Finding one food that works for all four is difficult.

Bag of Purina Beyond Simply Grain Free Salmon Cat Food

Ad for Purina Beyond Grain Free Cat Food with Wild Salmon

Purina Beyond Simply Grain Free Cat Foods 


There are many great varieties in the Purina Beyond lineup including salmon, whitefish, chicken and turkey based foods.

Here is my favorite cat food brand. Whole Earth Farms line of cat foods including grain free, wet canned and dry foods are all superior with real meat and limited ingredient foods. This beef variety worked for one of my cats when nothing else did. This brand’s food is also less expensive than other high quality brands!

Can of Whole Earth Farms Beef Canned Cat Food

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free, Affordable Cat Food!


My Favorite Cat Litter

Click here to check out all Okocat brand litters in regular, clumping and more. Pine based, naturally anti-bacterial, odor controlling and light weight. Check out my reviews for best odor control litters, and Okocat litter review.

Okocat Wood Clumping Cat Litter

My Favorite Cat Anxiety Products to fix Skittish Behavior and Peeing Outside the Box

These products have saved our house and marriage! My last rescued boy was a nervous wreck until we found these and we use them every day. He is now a dream of a cat! Check out my story with these products here. How to Calm Down a Cat, Products for Cat Peeing Outside the Box. This post includes review of a testing product for UTIs and other urinary issues.

Safe Space for Cats Drops,               Sentry Calming Collar
apply to fur.

My Favorite Home Remedy for Cats


Dilute with water and apply to fur for
Sneezing and Ear and Eye Infections
associated with upper respiratory infection.

Read my post here: Cat Sneezing Remedies


My Favorite Supplements for Dogs and Cats

These products are amazing and inspired the creation of this site. Made for cats and dogs alike and used for other mammals too!


For Tooth and Gum Disease and Bad Breath                      For Immunity and Overall Health Support

Read my posts on these life changing supplements for cats and dogs. For Gum and Tooth Supplement:  Revolutionary Supplement That Keeps Dog and Cat Teeth Clean. For Immunity and Liver Support Supplement:  How To Treat An Upper Respiratory Infection In Cats.

My Favorite Over the Counter Treatments

For Vomiting Due to Acid Indigestion in Cats.


Consult veterinarian and read my post:  Remedy for Cat Vomiting. Don’t use Pepcid Complete or Maximum Strength. These have ingredients cats can’t have!

For Constipation in Cats.


Consult veterinarian and read my post:  Treating Cat Constipation at Home

My Favorite Cat Tree

Give your cat exercise, fun, and a safe feeling perch, as well as 10 scratching posts with this large, affordable cat tree! It is the best I have found at a reasonable price.

Frisco 72 Inch Cat Tree with measurements

Frisco 72 Inch Cat Tree and Condo

Here is my review, Tall Cat Tree Houses , with features listed and my experience with it. This is the best and largest cat tree at an affordable price that I have found. I love this thing.

My Favorite Cleaning Products




  1. To find cat pee use this great black light with a specific wavelength built just for this purpose. Also find other organic stains all around your house as well as bed bugs, scorpions and more!
  2. Then clean it up with Nature’s Miracle cleaning products. They have enzymes specifically for destroying cat urine. Follow the directions though,    just spraying on and wiping up will not work! Read my steps to clean up cat urine with advice for laundry, carpet and more.

3. For powerful, natural cleaning power, try borax.

My Favorite Cat Puzzle Feeder to Help Cats Eat Less and Lose Weight

Overeating is the most common cause for cat’s gaining weight. Prevent many serious health problems by controlling how much food your cat eats. This is hard since cats need to access small meals throughout the day for optimum health. Solve the problem with a puzzle feeder. Your cat will have access to food even when you are away from home but they will have to eat slowly and can’t gobble down the whole bowl in one sitting. This also reduces throwing up if they are eating too fast. You can read my review of this product and how it compares to other more expensive puzzle feeders.

This is a dog bowl but I use it for my 4 cats since it holds enough food to last for several days. There are smaller versions available.

Please leave me a comment with any questions or comments about my top recommended cat products!


Thriving Cat only offers honest reviews and never recommends a product we wouldn’t use ourselves everyday.  Thriving Cat makes use of affiliate relationships with merchants such as and for monetization. This means when you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in a small commission that is credited to this site.



  1. Steve

    Wow, you have an awesome variety of products here. A couple of items caught my eye. First is the cat condo, or cat tree as you called it. Our cat is approaching 2 years old and he is becoming more of an indoor cat as he matures. He still loves to be outside, but he realizes the food is inside :). Anyway, I think he would really enjoy the cat tree, so I am going to have my wife take a look as well. Also, our dog just had a visit with the vet and they suggested getting a chewable for her teeth. Her teeth are in pretty bad shape. Professional cleaning puts the animal at risk, since they have to use anesthesia, so we are going to try some chews. Great page, I will check back when we need more “stuff” for the animals.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thanks Steve!

      Yes, the tree seems to be a very good standard item for cats. Some like them more than others but all three of mine use it to varying degrees. The youngest one uses it the most and is on it every day. We position it right by the window so he can watch the birds! That is his favorite activity so we put a bird feeder right outside for him. I think it is good to give them some extra stimulation instead of just sleeping all day! I am impressed with how well it has held up to three 15-16 pound cats! With 10 scratching posts built in, it really is worth the money! Regular cat trees cost several hundred dollars. It is outrageous. This one is much better.

      The Gumz-n-Teeth supplement was the product that made me want to start this website in the first place. It is truly amazing. I can’t recommend it highly enough! I would definitely try it for your dog! If you start with a cleaning and then use this supplement every day, it should be years before you need another cleaning!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ronnie Jordan

    You covered just about everything. But Pepsid AC? Who would have ever thought? That is some valuable info for me. I love cats and they have to depend on us for all their needs. This was all some good suggestions. How do you tell if they are suffering from anxiety?

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Ronnie,

      Anxiety can cause many different “problem” behaviors as well as just acting depressed or scared. The “problem” behaviors can include biting, scratching, peeing in inappropriate places outside the litter box or fighting with other pets. For my boy it was the peeing as well as acting jumpy and running away all the time. If they feel insecure due to being adopted into a new home, coming from a bad former home or shelter where they were mistreated, or the addition of a new pet making the first pet confused, moving or any other stressor, they can act out this way. Just addressing that specific behavior won’t fix the underlying problem since getting them to stop peeing on something doesn’t fix the anxiety itself and may actually make it worse if they become scared of you too!

      The Pepcid AC is like a miracle if it is needed. Just make sure to use Pepcid AC, NOT Pepcid Complete or Maximum Strength. These have ingredients cats can’t have! Of course you should always have a vet check them out first to make sure there isn’t an underlying health issue. I hope to find a way to get my cat off of it but in the meantime I don’t want him suffering with acid indigestion and throwing up every single day.

      Thank you for your comments,

  3. Barry Bullard

    Thank you for putting all this together in one spot! I’ve been looking for a solid cat tree and the one you recommended looks awesome. I will definitely be looking into it further.

    I will definitely try the cleaning products you recommended as well!

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Barry,
      The tree has been great for all three of my cats and I didn’t have to spend $200-$300 like all the others I found of a similar size! The cleaning products really make a huge difference and make cleaning up cat messes bearable instead of something that makes you want to pull your hair out!


  4. Jaime

    We foster rescue cats and have several at a time coming through our home, so advice like this is so appreciated. A lot of these we already use and love, especially the Nature’s Miracle stuff.

    A couple of these really surprised me, especially the laxative and the pepcid. The reviews and advice you gave on those is so helpful. I’ve had a few cats that have serious digestive issues and even vomit with the gentle food. It’s great to know there’s an OTC remedy that I can use for the really bad cases. Thanks!

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thanks Jaime!

      Yes, I first heard about Pepcid AC being used for dogs and then looked into it to see if it could be used for cats. It can, so I asked my vet and she said it was ok to try. It works so well I couldn’t believe it! Just make sure if you use it that you only get Pepcid AC Original Strength. Don’t get Pepcid Complete chewables or Maximum Strength. These have ingredients cats can’t have. I just updated my products page to say this in case someone doesn’t actually read my post about it.

      That is so nice you foster cats! I hope to do that someday too but three 16 pound cats in a 2 bedroom apartment makes that harder right now. I miss our house!


  5. anthony

    Great post! Everything I could ever need to keep my cat happy.

    The sentry calming collar interests me, my cat just seems a bit skittish sometimes. He just sits in the same place in the living room next to the wall, meowing at nothing. It’s completely random, I’ve tried everything changing food/water, changing litter, playing with him etc. I even took him to the vets but he’s 100% healthy.

    He just seems distressed and I really can’t understand why, it’s so upsetting. I’ve tried those plug in feremone things with little if any improvement.

    Think I’ll give the collar a go, fingers crossed.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hi Anthony,

      I tried the plug ins as well. They helped but they were a pain! You are supposed to have one in every room of your house (or at least every room the cat goes in). That gets really expensive. Then they only lasted about 3 weeks and sometimes they smoke and I worried they would catch on fire! The collars are easier since you put it on and you are good for a month. There are a few downsides however that you should be aware of. The smell is annoyingly strong for the first day or two. It is not an horrible smell (it is supposed to be lavender) but really strong. The collars have a white powder on them and that flakes off and makes a mess at first. I knock the excess off over a garbage can before I even put it on my cat. They work though so all this is worth it!

      Make sure you have the size adjusted correctly once you put it on your cat. It should not be tight. You should be able to get one or several fingers under it depending on the size of your cat and the size of your fingers. If it is too lose however, they might try to chew it off and can get their teeth stuck under it. It is not stretchy at all so this can injure them. Just make sure they can’t get their whole jaw under it. I cut off the excess with scissors when I have it adjusted but you don’t have to.

      Sorry if this sounds like a lot but once you do it once or twice it is easy and it is so worth it to have a happy, normal cat! They are much more affordable than the diffusers and they won’t smoke either!


  6. Vince

    Great combo of products. I’ve been looking into supplement for our dogs for general health. I see you had something on the list. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Vince,

      Both of the supplements from the Pet Alive brand are made for dogs and cats alike. “Immunity and Liver Support” is a great product for general immunity and health. I give it to my cats in their wet food every day to prevent upper respiratory infections. Some people claim it even treats their cats FIV which is like HIV in cats. Dogs can be given the small capsules whole.

      “Gumz-n-Teeth” is the best supplement I have ever found. It prevents and treats tooth and gum disease. If your dog has bad breath or plaque on their teeth they could use this supplement. It has worked wonders for us and saved many thousands of dollars in dental cleanings, extractions and anesthesia.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  7. GiuliaB

    Jessica, we have never owned a cat, as I am not sure it would be a good idea to have a cat living under the same roof with our border terrier. But my stepdaughter and her boyfriend got themselves a lovely all black kitten. And that’s what got me here. I am looking forward to as much advice as possible on feline behaviour and best practices around cats, especially as I expect at times we may be called in to baby sit Jimmy (that’s his name) as well as best products.
    As I live in UK, can I safely presume the Amazon products you suggest may easily be available also on Amazon UK?
    Thank you ever so much for now. And, I shall definitely be back 🙂

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thank you for stopping by Guilia. I don’t know how many of the products are available through Amazon UK but I would suspect the availability would be the same.

      I am sure you will enjoy the kitten. I have never actually had a kitten. We adopt adult cats since they always have a harder time finding homes. I know kittens can take a lot of attention and have lots of energy. They can be very curious as well. My cat as a child got along fine with the huskies but they learned about him from the time they were puppies so they learned to respect cats. That seems to be a great way to be sure cats will be safe around dogs. They learn to respect the cat from the time they are very young so even when they are older they don’t think of the cat as prey. They seem to view the cat as being the same size as them even as they grow larger!

      The Pet Alive brand supplements are made for dogs as well as cats. For dogs they can swallow the capsules whole whereas for cats, you can twist them apart and put the powder in wet food. We use the Gumz-n-Teeth in their food every day and it is amazing at keeping their teeth clean.

      Have fun with the kitty and let me know if you have any questions!


  8. Christina Piccoli

    I usually use Blue Buffalo grain-free food for my cats, but I’ll have to check out the Solid Gold food. Do all of your cats like it? As you know, some cats are super picky, so I get nervous switching their food. But it seems like your recommendation is superior in nutrition, so it could be worth a try!

    – Christina

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Christina,

      I can honestly say all three of my cats love Solid Gold food!They are picky about everything else! They all love Fit-as-a-Fiddle (the variety for weight control), Indigo Moon (the first kind we tried) and Winged Tiger which is made with quail and pumpkin and is really superior for digestion. My orange tabby boy does great on all of these varieties by Solid Gold and they don’t give him diarrhea like most other foods. He did not tolerate the rabbit variety however. We keep them on Fit-as-a-Fiddle now to help with their weight. I am just thrilled they all love it and it meets all their needs! It would be so hard to feed them different kinds of food!

      Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you try Solid Gold and what your cats think!


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