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World’s Best Brand Cat Litter Review

What are the best cat litter brands? How does the World’s Best brand stack up? Here are my best rated cat litters.

You may have heard of World’s Best” brand cat litter. I have just used World’s Best Multiple Cat Clumping Formula for several weeks and here is my opinion. It is a good litter, it has some great features. It is not my favorite however. Read on to see the pros and cons of World’s Best and see my best rated cat litter which is even better.

World’s Best shares some features with other natural brands of cat litter.

They are:

Natural, safe for your cat, lightweight, and don’t contain chemicals or perfumes.

World’s Best is also very low in dust which is great. It claims to be 99% dust free.

It is also good for reducing the amount of litter tracked out of the box.

It is easier to scoop than other natural brands since the granules are small and don’t get caught in the scoop.

However, there are two features of my favorite cat litter that this brand does not have and they are very, very important!

Red Bag of World's Best Cat Litter

My Top Recommendation for Litter is Okocat Brand.

Okocat comes in a variety of types including the regular Natural Pine which we use, and one specifically for long-haired breeds. It comes in 3 sizes also. For the best value get the large size. They all ship for free in the U.S. with Amazon Prime.

Why is Okocat Brand Litter Superior?

My favorite and best rated cat litter is Okocat. So what does Okocat have that other natural brands do not?

Okocat has natural ODOR CONTROL. World’s Best didn’t do well at controlling odors!

Okocat is also naturally antibacterial!!! That is a great plus. It is also antifungal and antiviral!!

World’s Best is good at clumping for a natural litter and the low dust is great. It is even slightly less dusty than Okocat. Okocat has three varieties of clumping litter too!

Okocat Wood Clumping Cat Litter
I want all the benefits of natural litter such as being healthy for my cat and lightweight. I also want the best litter I can find for the price and Okocat delivers all that. For odor control and antibacterial properties I choose Okocat as my best rated cat litter. I like World’s Best for scoopability and dust control however so you may want to try both and see which works for you.

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  1. Christy

    It’s great to learn that there is cat litter that neutralizes odors like the Okocat brand that you mentioned, comes with natural odor control. I waste so much time and money adding stuff to my kitten’s litter box like baking soda and sprays hoping to make the odor go away, when there are brands out there that already do this and can save me time and money in the long run. I’ll definitely be try the Okocat litter instead!

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hi Christy,
      I hope you and your cat like Okocat. My cats all watch while I change it and then have to jump right in. They really seem to like it. I have heard some cats don’t like large pellets if they are used to clay litter but mine don’t mind at all. If yours did mind there are different types of Okocat litter to meet different needs.

      I really hate the smell of regular (clay) litter boxes! It is just yucky. I used to try adding stuff too when we used other litters. Now the only time there is a smell is if one of the cats doesn’t bury after they go! If they bury like normal though, the smell is just gone. It will smell a little eventually depending on how many cats you have but that just means it is time to change it out. With three cats I have to change mine fairly often but that also depends on how many litter boxes they have as well.

      I also really like that it is just natural plant based pellets with no chemicals and naturally antibacterial and keeps insects away!

      Thanks for your comment,

  2. Valerie

    Hi Jessica

    Okocat sounds like a great cat litter. The fact that it has natural odor control has to make it the best litter of all.

    I don’t think Okocat is available in my country but I will do some research. With my elderly cat consuming a lot of water the litter tray is in more than regular use.

    Thanks so much for your website and its content. It is certainly a great site for cat owners.

    Best wishes


    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thanks Valerie,
      I like that they have lots of different varieties of Okocat litter. I use the non-clumping kind but you may like the clumping better. I also like that my cats (and us humans) don’t have to breath the clay dust and perfumes of regular litter and they aren’t ingesting the clay either! Let me know if you can find it.


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