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Cute Cat Names-Witty, Unique and Enlightened Cat Name Ideas

Your cat’s name can say a lot about your little or big ball of fluff. A name can indicate gender, reveal personality, or reflect how your cat looks. It can even demonstrate your own interests or sense of humor.

Cat names are sometimes given without much thought. However, cats are such wonderful, fascinating, and sometimes aggravating creatures that perhaps some due consideration should be employed to give your new feline house guest a name that is unique and memorable.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to cat names, which is why choosing the best one for your pet can be a big decision. Whether you just got a new pet or are dreaming of a future pet, you might find inspiration from these different categories.

Male Cat Names

If you want a name with a dash of stateliness for your male cat, look no further than world leaders. Your charismatic and intelligent Winston (Winston Churchill) might not get along with territorial conqueror Julius (Julius Caesar), but he’ll probably get along just fine with peaceful Nelson (Nelson Mandela).

Female Cat Names

If you want a cat name infused with feminine power, you could choose your favorite Royal like Diana, Elizabeth or Victoria. That theme could extend to a Russian inspired Alexandra or Egyptian Cleopatra. Why not try one inspired by suffragettes who fought for women’s right to vote? Your cat Suzie B. (Susan B. Anthony), Cady (Elizabeth Cady Stanton), or Carrie Cat (Carrie Chapman Catt) will elegantly fight for her right to be fed, petted, and loved equally.

Big Cat Names

Jazz artists of the swing era make fitting and memorable names for big cats. Fats, after piano player Fats Waller, is perfect for a cat that is a little chubby. Duke, after Duke Ellington, works well for an inventive and cool cat. Ella, for singer Ella Fitzgerald, is ideal for a vocal cat.

A big cat could also be called Burly, Hulk, or Sumo. A fat cat could be called Henry (VIII), Chunk, Moose, or Big Guy,

Long-Haired Cat Names

With their stately and yet wild look, long-haired cats like Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats seem to have a sense for adventure. If your cat looks like he’d be at home in the rugged west, consider naming him Lewis or Clark.

If he seems destined for the world, try Marco, after Marco Polo, or Ferdinand, after Ferdinand Magellan. For a female long-haired, Amelia, after pilot Amelia Earhart, makes a great name.

Popular Culture Cat Names

Popular culture is replete with inspirations for cat names. Mind, you really should not name your orange tabby Garfield, as it demonstrates a lack of imagination. There have been, after all, 44 other American presidents.

Star Trek comes to mind as a source of names. A calm kitty would be named Spock. A cat bold and forward cat with lots of personality would be named Kirk. A hairless cat would be named Picard. A brave female cat could become Janeway.

Game of Thrones is another great source of names. A small kitty would be named Tyrion. A brave female kitty would become Arya. A fat cat naturally would become Samwell.

Do you like Lord of the Rings? Aragorn, Theoden, Gandalf, Frodo, Bilbo, Eowyn and Arwen are all great names. You can save Sauron for a particularly aggressive cat. Hopefully, you don’t have one that it would fit.

James Bond would not be thought to be a great source of cat names. However, remember that Bond’s main adversary, Ernst Stavro Blofeld is often seen stroking a white Persian.

If Bond is a little too much for you, a parody film series featuring the great, fashion disaster, mojo-addled Austin Powers comes to mind. Mini Me or Dr. Evil would be memorable names for a cat.

If you like Star Wars, then Obi-wan, Leia, Luke, or Han Solo come to mind. You might even go so far as to have a Darth Kitty.

In short, popular culture is filled with inspirations for cat names. If you are a fan of something, celebrate it by naming your cat after it. I’d be very curious to see what people would do with the cast from Downton Abbey.

Small Cat Names

A little kitty could be called Teeny, Shrimp, Peanut, or Scrap. They may also approve of Pixie, Pip, Elf, Petal, or Squirt.

Color and Pattern Cat Names

The color of your cat’s fur could also be inspirational. Your orange tabby could be called Carrot, Pippi (Longstocking), or Tangerine. A black cat could be called Dusk, Shadow, Inky, or Ebony. Get yourself a thesaurus and go wild.

-Orange Cat Names

Naming your cat for its color is a classic move, and if your cat is orange, there’s nothing better than to name them after orange fruit. Depending on the shade of their coat, Peach, Apricot, or Pumpkin will highlight both their color and cuteness. If you’re looking for something more unique, try Persi, short for Persimmon.

-Brown Cats

Coco is so overdone. Instead, try a more unique sweet-based name. If your cat is dark to medium brown, consider smooth-sounding Ganache or cute-sounding Truffle. For a lighter cat, try sophisticated-sounding Praline.

-Tabby Cat Names

Tabby cats, with their patterned coats, are perfect for artist-inspired names. For black and white patterning, consider Jackson, after Jackson Pollack. For cats with coats of other colors, try Pablo, for cubist Pablo Picasso, or Miró, for surrealist Juan Miró.

If your cat had lots of crazy patterning and you want to show off your own creativity, try Katdinsky, after abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky.

Persian Cat Names

If you have a Persian cat, why not try a Persian name like Ali, meaning elevated, or Reza, meaning contentment? For a night owl female cat, consider Layla, meaning night, or Roya, meaning dream.

Balinese Cat Names

Did you know that Balinese name their children according to birth order, with the same names for males and females? Whether your Balinese cat is your first, second, or third, you might fancy this method.

On Bali, firstborns are Wayan, Putu, or Gede, secondborns are Made or Kadek, thirdborns are Nyoman or Komang, and fourthborn children are Ketut. After that, the cycle starts repeating itself.

Frisky Cat Names

If your cat won’t stop running and jumping around, you can find inspiration from names associated with cars and racing. If your cat is fast, consider Enzo, after founder Enzo Ferrari, or Senna after racer Ayrton Senna.

If your cat is sleek and athletic, Jaguar makes for a clever name, referencing the wild animal as well as the car.

Lazy Cat Names

Is your cat lazy or just metaphysically advanced? If you think the latter, you might find a Buddhist term fitting. If your cat seems like a guru, you could name him Arya, which means noble being, or Maha, meaning great.

If your cat is joyful, you could name her Ananda, meaning bliss or happiness, or Jihi, which means giving happiness.

Moody Cat Names

If your cat is moody, jealous, or self-involved, it can be fitting to name them after one of the fickle gods of Greek mythology. Zeus, Hera, Athena, and Hermes are all names that would suit a capricious cat.

Sweet Cat Names

If your cat loves to spend hours in your lap, naming them after something sweet can complement their sweet personality. While Muffin, Brownie, and Cookie are common, something like Cronut or Mochi will make your cat stand out from the crowd.

Special Interest Cat Names

Many people also name their pets according to their own interests. If you are especially interested in poetry, choose a name like Poe, Emily, or Langston.

If you like fashion, play off the name of your favorite designer with something like Louis for Louis Vuitton, Choo for Jimmy Choo, or Vera for Vera Wang.

Sense of Humor Cat Names

If you have a unique sense of humor, this can also extend to your pet’s name. While we almost all have that friend who named their cat “Cat,” there are also plenty of more interesting names like Taco, Grandma, or Fido. Try adding a title like “Sir” or “Queen” for a name that’s pretty much guaranteed to sound humorous.

Friends and Relatives Cat Names

Whether from fondness or humor, some people find it appropriate to name their cats after friends or relatives. You may want to remember your grandparent fondly by naming your beloved pet after them.

Or you may want to create an inside family joke by naming the eccentric animal after your quirky aunty. You be the judge of how far you want to take it.

Egyptian Cat Names

Indeed, considering the fact that cats were worshiped as gods in ancient Egypt, perhaps an Egyptian name might be something you ought to consider.

For male kitties, think Rameses, Ra, Osiris, Ptolemy, Tut, or Set (which would be a black cat with terrifying eyes.) For female kitties, think Isis, Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Hathor, or Bast. These are not the sum of appropriate Egyptian names. A look at a history book or a search of the Internet will give you some more ideas.

Other Language Cat Names

Other foreign languages are replete with exotic-sounding names you can give to your cat. French names include Jean, Jules, Pierre, Claude, or Michel and female names such as Marie, Gabrielle, Adelle, or Chantal.

Russian names include Yuri, Boris, and Ivan for male names and Marina, Olga, Svetlana, or Natasha for female names. Boris or Natasha would be great if your cat likes to chase squirrels.

In any case, the Earth is filled with languages with exotic-sounding names, some of them with hidden meanings that might fit your cat very well.

Cat Names Connected to Behaviors

Some cat owners like to name their cats after some behavior characteristic that they tend to demonstrate. A cat that likes to bounce around the house, jumping on and off laps and furniture at the least provocation might be called Frisky or Tigger.

A cat who is more methodical in its movements, who explores the house incessantly, might be called Sherlock.

A cat that likes to put claws in your naked flesh might be called Barb (as in barbed wire) or Sharpy (as in like a knife.) A cat that likes to nap all the time could be Sleepy or Napster. A cat that is skittish could be called Spook.

Expressions of Affection as Cat Names

You love your cat and maybe that fact will inspire you to give it an endearment such as you might give to a beloved friend, like Precious, Sweetie, Honey, or even Darling. A male could be Dude, Buddy, or Pal.

Get Creative When You Name Your Cat

With this guide, I hope you can find some inspiration for pet names of your own. Just remember, whether you name your cat after a suffragette, a fruit, or a fourth born Balinese, enjoy the process and have fun with it.

In the end, your cat by any other name is still your cat. What’s more important is the time you spend bonding with your pet.

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  1. Brian

    Wow, those are some interesting ideas for cat names. For feminine power, what about a name such as Lucy such as the old, but great show “I Love Lucy”? One of the cats my best friends have is name Lucy for that reason. Suzie B though would’ve definitely been another great name for sure. I LOVE Star Trek and so naming a cat after Spock or Kirk would be great for me! Even Picard would be great. The other cat my friend’s have is a male cat and they named him Dexter. Not sure if you’re familiar with that show, but if you are, then you might have an idea of why they gave him that name >:( . All in all though, excellent and cute cat names you’ve listed!

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thanks Brian, going through all these names makes me want another dozen cats! There are so many great names out there! The options are truly endless!

  2. sanjay

    I have been looking for a cute name for my persian kitten brought by my sister and it is not easy to settle with one name as there so many options. Thanks for sharing so many unique and intresting names. I think I would be able to choose one soon.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      I am glad you found this useful Sanjay. Good luck picking a great name for your kitty. There are so many to choose from!


  3. Dianne

    I have always found that naming cats is fun and you really could have some fun with it! Our next door neighbours cat is called Drake which i find quite amusing!

    Our cats are called Lily and Tiger. 

    We originally had Lily, who we nickname Lilypig because she scoffs her food ha! Then came along our Tiger who got her name purely because she looked liked a baby tiger when she was a kitten. So we ended up with Tiger-Lily 😉

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      I always liked the names Lily and Tigerlily! Our boy is nicknamed Tigger since has Tiger stripes and is orange and just the sweetest boy in the world!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Brenda

    Awesome… it’s not easy to decide on a name for  any animal. These names are indeed cute. I have learnt a lot about cats and kittens. This post was really insightful I enjoyed reading it. 

    I will make future reference to this article, it has a lot of useful information. 

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thank you Brenda, I am glad you liked this.


  5. fyre

    This article is ultra-smile worthy for cat lovers everywhere!  The cat I live with is named Octavious.  He is a regal cat to be sure. So, when i looked up the name origin right now it seems fitting that it’s origins are Latin ‘born eighth” which, although he is my friends cat (she recently passed away) I do know that he was the eighth kitten born.  

    A new kitten that was rescued from the recent Paradise fires in California was at our farm in Oregon last week.  The trouble with naming her is that she seems to be everyone’s new joy.  I asked what her name was and I got everything ‘black snow’ to “chaga’ ha!   Totally off-topic, I’m terribly allergic to cats but, I am a huge animal lover and I’m reasonably happy to suffer some sneezes.

    My friends who rescue cats will enjoy your “Get Creative When You Name Your Cat” section.  A friend wrote to us recently asking about animal names we all were tired of hearing.  It was a good-humored post but, I am with her on the creative name front and you have provided some great ideas! 

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thanks for your stories here. Octavious sounds like a great cat name. I can’t imagine being one of those people that name their cat “Cat”! There is a whole world of options out there!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Tomas

    I do like cats. They look so smart and elegant. I have not thought about cats’ names lately. But it is always wonderful to consider the name of your cat. 

    I have never guessed that there are so many groups of cats’ names. If you call a cat with a special name maybe the cat will act in some different way. Maybe I am exaggerating a bit here but your pet can tell you a lot about yourself. 

    For a male cat I would probably choose the name Napoleon and for my female cat Elionora or Fiona. I cannot explain my choice here precisely but somehow these names give me some thoughts and ideas. 

    Thanks for a very great post about cats and their names. 



    1. Jessica (Post author)

      I like your cat name choices Tomas. Very nice. I can’t imagine how people name their cat “Cat” or dog “Dog” when there are so many options!

  7. mark kabakov

    Caring and sweet Jessica! You very logically and beautifully described the choice of cat names. They offered a lot of signs and differences for these sweet and affectionate creatures. 

    I want to respond to your topic as follows. Tomorrow I will show this article  to my neighbor in the villa. Now she is a pensioner, professor of history.

    She has a lot of cats.She contains them and cares about their nutrition, treatment, bedding and cleanliness. All cats have names and tomorrow we will have the pleasure to talk about your article.

    Thank you for the useful content of the article. 

    Thank you for the opportunity to share with the true lover of these lovely ancient home friends. Mark

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thank you Mark. Pet names are always interesting to me. They say something about the owner as well as the pet! Thank you for sharing this post with your neighbor.


  8. Glen Palo

    I enjoyed reading this post! Our old male cat is named Lucky because we found him stuck in a storm drain and is lucky to be alive. Our tortie female cat is small and petite and is named Missy.

    For our next cat, I have been thinking of naming him, Gary. I don’t know why I am fixated on that name for a cat. I don’t know any Garys.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Ha ha! Thanks Glen. I think any name is good as long as we have good intentions with it and we love the pet. I don’t like when people name an animal “Stupid” or something like that since they clearly don’t have any respect for the animal and probably won’t take good care of it. I am sure the cat will be happy with any name as long as you love them!

      Our French Chartreux girl was so depressed and seemed to miss her old home after we adopted her. She was so thrilled when I said her “old” name one day, it was like she realized I knew who she was. She was attached to her name so we had to keep it even though we tried to change it at first.

      Our latest addition is a 14 year old Calico kitty girl. She is in exceptionally good health and even has good teeth but no one wanted her since she is older. She did not seem to like her name (perhaps they always called her some nickname and she didn’t really know her official name). In any case she seems much happier with her new name “Sweet Pea”.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  9. Nancy

    What a fun article.
    Here are some of our reasons behind some of our kitty names.
    Minnie-Was was named after Minnie Mouse, but we didn’t know it but she is pretty much the same size as when we got her 3 years ago…so she is also Mini. 🙂
    Onyx-He’s totally black. That was the name he already had when we got him and it fit perfectly.
    Oreo-He’s black and white.
    Cookie-She was black and white
    Bones-When we got him he had a broken paw
    Jack-Named after Jack the Pumpkin King (we got him around Halloween)
    Jill-Because we had Jack so he needed Jill. LOL
    Houdini-He kept disappearing in the room that we put him right after we brought him into the house.

    We like to give our kitties a few days in the house and get a feel for their personality before they get a name.

    Thanks again for the fun article.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hi Nancy! I just left a comment on your site about some of our cat’s names and the pros and cons of changing a pet’s name when they are already named. We have now used nicknames for our kitties so much that they know those are their names but we had to figure out if they wanted to be called by their original name or not.

      We don’t have any names that go together for the cats but we have done that with fish. We had Athos, Porthos and Dartagnan and Huck (short for Huckleberry Fin) and Tom. It is very cute you have a Jack and Jill!

      Nice to be connected to you now,

  10. Merlin

    My first cat was Squeakie; her son was Sparky. Cat after that was Tiki. Then I got a pair of brothers and named them Hotshot and Hershey. They soon began to earn more names and became Hotshot Quirky Awesome of the Clan Awesome and Hershey Hunter Spritz (it’s a guy thing) Awesome. When I got their niece the next year, she was named Isis and began Isis Bastet Zumi Adorable Roadblock Awesome.
    My current cat is Creeper Quirky Awesome. I’ve only had him for a couple years. Names are added over time as they’re earned.

  11. Katie at Meadowia

    Oh my goodness, these adorable cat names are absolutely purr-fect for my new furry friend!


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