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  1. Nancy White

    Jessica my cat loves to eat rubber and leather. We did not put up our artificial Christmas tree last year because she climbed it twice and knocked it over before we even got decorations on it. Why does she do this and how can we stop her from doing it?

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Nancy,
      I really don’t know the answer as to why, but some cats love to chew. Our cat Mouse chews on rubber and other things he shouldn’t as well. I do not have a problem with the Christmas tree however. I keep the rubber away from him as that is his favorite. I have Croc’s brand sandals and he can’t resist those!

      I decided to treat him like a dog in that regard and get him chew toys. Some of them work! He especially loves the Greenies brand dog bones! They are good for his teeth too! They are not as hard as real dog bones and break apart into bits that he can eat. So I get him the Greenies petite size bones (made for small dogs 15-25 lbs as he is 16 lbs). Here is a link, . You could also get the Greenies “Teenie” which is even smaller for dogs 5-15 lbs). Here is a link, I got the bigger size so it would take him a bit longer to get through one. In about a half hour he can polish off the whole thing! He lays there gnawing away like a dog!

      I don’t know if that will do anything to solve the Christmas tree problem but it might distract her from chewing on some things. Is she really young. Young cats tend to chew and then outgrow it as they get older. You may just need to get through the first year or two.

      Let me know how it goes!

  2. Sunny / My Sweet Financial Freedom

    This is what I need to place on my website too. Thanks for sharing. Is this discloser created by default with some changes related to your website or you created entire post by yourself?
    If it is a default where I can find it?

    Thank you so much 🙂

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      This is a plugin called “Affiliate Disclosure Statement”. You can type in your specifics such as website name and names of your affiliate programs.

  3. Desiree

    Hi Jessica I have 3 sphynx girl cats and one year ago our kitten that we purchased last was sick we found out she had a upper respiratory infection. Long story short they all got better with so much different medicines well today all of a sudden my Gracie’s eye was leaking clear and she was sneezing a little. So I called the vet and she called a prescription again for doxycycline which I still had some in the fridge as well. So I’m gonna start that and the apple cider vinegar as well my question is should I order the pills u recommend the liver capsules will that help or will that be to much. Also does the doxycycline even help my girls hate it and it cost $90 at my vet.
    I’m so sick of my girls getting sick I’m praying for answers and after reading this u seen to know a lot about it ….

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hi Desiree,

      The Immunity and Liver Support supplements are something my cats get every day with every meal. It seems to be a good long term preventative measure to help keep them healthy. I do recommend it. They get it mixed into their wet food regardless of what else is going on.

      The apple cider vinager works well but sometimes for a very strong infection the prescription medication is still needed. It is hard to predict what your cat will need since the infections can be bacterial or viral and the severity can depend on your cat’s immune system. I don’t think it can hurt for you to try the apple cider vinegar however and the Immunity and Liver Support supplement. I hope your girl gets better and can stay healthy in the future!



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