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Jackson Galaxy Safe Space for Cats

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Jackson Galaxy Safe Space for Cats Drops, Anti-Anxiety for Cats


Do you have a nervous, jumpy or anxious cat?

Does your cat pee outside the box, hide under the bed all the time or run away scared?

Jackson Galaxy Safe Space for Cats is an anti-anxiety drop that is applied to a cat’s fur. It is easy to use, almost odorless to humans and works almost instantly to calm down an anxious cat! It is applied two or three times per day. I only use it twice per day on my boy though he had serious anxiety. It is very easy to apply since you can just put some in the palm of your hand and smooth it on your cat’s fur. This is easier than making your cat ingest something. It also does not have a strong or unpleasant odor so you cat will not shy away from the smell. The scent is actually calming for cats and makes them feel more comfortable almost instantly. I learned first hand how terrible prescription anti-anxiety medication for cats can be! I will never give that to my cat (well not ‘give’ but try to force down his throat) again.  This is a far superior option!

How Jackson Galaxy Safe Space for Cats Drops are Used

The instructions recommend applying 3 to 4 drops to your cat’s fur two to three times per day. I use a larger number of drops (8 to 10) and use them only twice per day. This seems to work fine and is much more practical for use since we work all day and are not here to apply drops in the middle of the day. The bottles come with a dropper and also a spray attachment you can use instead of the dropper. The spray sound could scare a jumpy pet so do not spray directly on your cat. Spray it into the palm of your hand and then apply it to your cat’s fur. I use 8 to 10 drops or 6 or 7 sprays each time.

Your cat may not like having liquid put on his fur but it is a pretty small amount and if you put it just around their shoulders and chest they shouldn’t actually feel like they have water on them. I put it on top of my boy’s head, on his shoulders and chest.

My boy runs away when I come to give him his drops sometimes but it seems like more of a game for him. As soon as I put it on he seems content. Now I am careful to talk in a happy voice and tell him he is a good boy before I apply the drops so he feels it is a happy time.

Why I like Jackson Galaxy Safe Space for Cats Drops

I like these drops because:

They are almost odorless, no chemical smell.

They are natural and safe for my cat and family.


I don’t have to put anything in my cat’s water or food.

This last point is important to me since cats are picky. They need to drink a lot of water especially if they eat dry food and I don’t like to add anything to the water that might make them shy away from it. However, Jackson Galaxy Safe Space for Cats Drops can be added to water if you choose and some cats don’t mind it at all. If that works for you and your cats, great! They you don’t even have to apply the drops to their fur! How convenient!


Jackson Galaxy Safe Space for Cats drops contain:





Pink Seaweed

Natural Spring Water

and “other essences”

Do Jackson Galaxy Safe Space for Cats Drops Work?

I can say from several years of experience using these drops, they really do work! My boy was so jumpy and anxious, he was a basket case before we found treatments. He was a rescue and who knows what he went through to make him so scared and angry at the world. He seemed like a lost cause. He peed all over at random times even though we took him to the vet and they could never find anything wrong physically. His problems are all psychological.

Ratings and Reviews

There are reviews on Amazon for this product with titles that show how happy this product makes pet owners!

“Actual Miracle”

“Last Resort Before Prozac…It Works!”

“Saved My Sanity”

“I Am Amazed That This Worked”

“Hope For Your Cat”

There are many reviews like this that describe pet owners being at their wit’s end trying to figure out how to stop their cat from spraying or peeing around the house. They were desperate and absolutely thrilled and overjoyed to find a product that works!

52% of the reviews on Amazon give it 5 stars.

There are also low ratings and negative reviews. Many don’t elaborate but just write one or two sentences and say it didn’t work. We have no way of knowing if they used it properly, consistently or for how long. One negative review said their cat had a reaction to the drops administered orally. I only use it on my cat’s fur however so I can’t speak to that. My cat does lick it back off his fur when I put it on and he has never had a reaction. Just like people, cats are individuals and you never know when a food or other product may cause an allergy or sensitivity in a certain cat.

Depending on the situation, Safe Space for Cats Drops may not be the total solution for a cat. We also put a Sentry Calming Collar on our boy for added calming help. He was a serious case however and many cats need only one or the other but not both products. He is now a perfectly behaved cat. He is calm, happy, playful and affectionate. He is sleeping curled up by my shoulders on top of my chair right now as I write this! A little while ago he watched birds at the feeder with me and let me groom him. He follows me around like a dog and always wants to be close! He is wonderful. Here is my review on the collar.

Much Better than Toxic Tasting Prescriptions

Before I found these drops and collars, I got a prescription from my veterinarian for an anti-anxiety medication. It had to be mixed up at a compounding pharmacy since it is a liquid. It was expensive and my cat HATED it. He DESPISED it. It was like the devil in a bottle and he acted like the world was literally coming to an end when I tried to give it to him! I accidentally got some on my finger and tasted it one time. It was HORRIBLE! I would hate it too! I felt so bad that I had been trying to force him to take it! It is incredibly bitter and tastes like something that would be poisonous. I never gave it to him again.

These drops are safe, benign and make my cat HAPPY not terrified!  You can also order them right here by clicking on a link and you don’t need a prescription. Many vets now recommend these kinds of products when they learn of them as well.

Patience and Working With Your Cat

There is also an element of patience required to help some cats with serious anxiety issues. It can take years for a cat from a rescue situation to feel truly safe and secure in a new home. This is logical. They have been through trauma. Even if they didn’t have abusive owners they at least went through being dumped at the pound and left to die in a cage. This is traumatic and they rightfully may not trust humans after that experience. They may also not feel like the new home is truly their home. They thought they had a home before and they were suddenly kicked out of it.

It can be very frustrating and feel impossible but don’t give up on a difficult cat. Be kind and gentle even if you are upset. Make them know you can always be trusted and you won’t hurt them. They can come around even if it seems unimaginable.

It takes time but with these two products it will speed up the process exponentially! That is my experience.

Give Jackson Galaxy Safe Space for Cats Drops a Try!

This is not a drug or supplement or punishment for your cat’s bad behavior. It is something simple and effective that helps your cat feel safe and secure while fixing bad behavior. What have you got to lose? Give it a try!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of Jackson Galaxy Safe Space for Cats Drops!


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  1. Jaden

    Such a splendid work you had. I had no idea about this jackson galaxy safe are use for reduce the cat anxiety. Such a cool stuff. Really fill me up today. My sister got 9 cats at home and this products is a great introduce for me. I would buy it for my sister cat and I will leave a comment on your post again after using it. Cheers!


    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Jaden,

      I imagine with 9 cats your sister could benefit from this product. I just got my 4th cat and this is the most we have ever had at one time! Thank you and good luck!


  2. Steve

    Thanks for writing this very thorough review Jessica. My sister adopted a cat about six months ago, and he is very skittish and nervous. From what we can gather, the cat is about 4 years old. At first we all thought it was probably just a case of getting used to new surroundings, but like you said, we don’t know the cat’s history. My sister has been to the vet a few times and they did prescribe oral medication. Trying to give a cat something orally, is not a fun task, I can attest to that 🙂

    These drops might just be the solution she has been looking for. The fact that you can simply apply these drops right to the fur, sounds a lot more doable than giving them orally. I like the fact that you said it’s okay to do just 2x per day, that definitely makes it easier. Is this a supplement that eventually you can wean them off of, or is it something that would be used daily going forward?

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Steve,

      I love the fact that these go on the fur and you don’t have to get your cat to swallow something. It is absolutely worth trying on a cat with any skittish or nervous behaviors.

      Whether you continue using these long term is very much dependent on the individual cat. For my boy I have had to use them for several years now but he seems to be getting better and better over time. Now sometimes we put the drops on him only once instead of twice per day and he is just fine. So therefore, I would say yes, you may be able to taper off over time. It depends on how nervous the cat is and his personality I suppose. In any case, there is no harm in using them long term. There are no chemicals or dangerous ingredients in the drops so I don’t mind using them for as long as necessary.

      Thanks for your questions,

  3. Penelope

    I LOVE Jackson Galaxy and his show and had no idea he’d branched out into products. I have used products like this in the past when I’ve had to take my darling anxious cat on long international flights. I’ll definitely give this brand a shot the next time a big stressor is around the corner…my cat is 17 now and as they get more senior, the world gets a little scarier, sounds get a little louder, and they get a lot needier. I just have to remind myself that in human years, she’s well over 100!

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hi Penelope,
      I need to add an intro explaining who Jackson Galaxy is for anyone who doesn’t know! I have been watching him for years and love his insights into cat psychology. I really like that he has products now since I trust that they will work! I got one of his cat toys recently as well and I really like it (more importantly my cats all like it)!

      Yes, the drops should help your girl! Thanks for taking such good care of a senior kitty!

  4. S

    Thanks for the info on Jackson Galaxy. I didn’t know there was such a product. It’s good to know there isn’t a strong odor. That is the first thing I think of when I hear of a product you put on a pet’s fur.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Yes, I like this fact. I use the Sentry products as well but they have a very strong odor. I much prefer these drops. There is no odor to me at all unless I put my nose right next to the liquid on my hand and sniff. From just an arm’s length away I don’t smell anything. There are no chemicals added.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  5. Simon

    Our little moggy keep hiding under the bed, I’m sure she’s suffering anxiety owing to her poor lifestyle before we adopted her. There’s only a few evenings where she feels content enough to come down and sit on our lap.

    We’ve been on the lookout for a drop solution such as Jackson Galaxy Safe Space as we don’t wish for anything that has to be injected nor do we want anything that has to be sprayed as the sound would make her run a mile in her present condition, an odourless solution suchlike this sounds ideal.

    We work all day so I think we’ll follow your advice and use 8-10 drops during the week whilst we’re not at home. Let’s hope it sorts her condition.
    Thanks for introducing me to Jackson Galaxy Safe Space,

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Simon,

      The drops should really help. They come in a bottle with a dropper. Just squeeze the drops into the palm of your other hand. Then use your fingers to dap up some and rub it on her fur until you have applied all of it. They now come with a sprayer also so you can use the sprayer to spray the liquid into the palm of your hand (in a different room where she doesn’t hear it) and then proceed to apply it the same way. Or just throw the sprayer out and use the dropper. It is up to you.

      I really hope this helps her! If you need something to try when you can’t actually get to her to apply the drops, you might want to try a plug in pheromone diffuser. This way the calming scent will be in the room even if you can’t reach her. These diffusers can have downsides however which is why I switched to the collar and drops. If you want to read about the diffuser, here is my review:

      The collars are great if you need a continuous aid to be there for your cat but they have a very strong smell and cats may not like wearing them. I would stick to the drops if you can.

      I hope these solutions work for your girl!
      Thanks for stopping by,

  6. Goran Omar Bockman


    Thanks for this very reassuring review. I don’t currently have a cat, but plan to take in a rescue when my situation is more settled. Love the fact that these drops can simply be applied to the pelt, by gently petting the little meowser!

    What a contrast to the forceful administration of that bitter potion you described! No wonder the poor feline despised it. Did he never bite you? I believe I would have, under the circumstances lol.

    Makes me very glad to know that someone had the ingenuity and care to invent Jackson Galaxy Safe Space for Cats Drops. The only thing I don’t like about it is the 10 syllable length of the name.


    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thank you so much Goran! Yes, I wonder if anyone along the way (developers, veteranarians, drug companies ever bothered to taste the terrible “medicine” and realize it would seem like poison to anything with taste buds! Why make something that has to be taken in the mouth as a liquid if it tastes so horrendous? There is a lot of room for innovation and common sense in taking care of pets.

      It pays to be on the lookout for great products like this! I am so glad there are superior options available now!

      Thanks so much for your comment and for dropping by,

  7. Daniel Euergetes

    I’m assuming this is topical if you are putting on the fir. Does it absorb through the skin or is it the when the cat whiffs it?

    This is interesting because I have a friend with a male cat that keeps on missing the litter box. I guess he thinks he’s inside it all the way. My friend thinks the cat is misbehaving.

    That is one of the most docile cats I’ve ever seen. I used to own the cat but had to give him to my friend because I could not have cats here.

    If this product is for cats who misbehave missing the box, perhaps this isn’t for him because he isn’t a nervous cat at all.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Daniel,

      Yes, it goes on the fur and the scent is what calms them. If the cat is going right next to the box I agree that it probably isn’t due to anxiety. Other reasons for peeing next to the box can be:

      if the box isn’t kept clean (cats like it clean)

      if the cat doesn’t like the type of litter (could be too dusty, strong chemical smell etc)

      the cat has a UTI or other urinary problem that causes pain or discomfort when urinating that makes them avoid the box. 

      Hopefully you can help figure out if one of these may be the problem. I am sure you want what is best for your former kitty!

      Thank you for stopping by! 


  8. Vanna Denham

    Hi Jessica,
    This information is very timely because my daughter is having a problem with her cat now. They don’t know why but she runs under the bed a lot. Also she has been going outside her box lately. My daughter is a fanatic about a clean box and spares no expense when it comes to kitty litter. I remember Jackson Galaxy when I had my two beauties. I will pass the information on to her.

    All the best,

    Vanna Pearl

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thank you very much Vanna. I know how frustrating it is when a cat has anxiety and misbehaves. It is so overwhelming to not know what to do. If your daughter’s cat has been to the vet and does not have any health problems I bet these anti-anxiety products will help! If there is any chance the cat has a UTI they should be taken to the vet but you can also test at home with products like this:

      Thank you for stopping by!

  9. Desi

    I currently use one of Jackson’s age space varieties on our 13 year old female Cleo. She’s always been a very territorial female, marking our entire home ever since she got fixed 12 years ago. Some periods she’d slow it down and pee 1ce every couple weeks, other periods it would be twice a day, hitting different spots. The feliaway plug ins didn’t help, but these drops did.
    Let me also add that I do care for an outside neutered boy for the last 7 years that Cleo tolerates(they actually hang together when she’s outside with him). I know this is one of her insecurities, as I truly believe she’d love to be an ‘only child’. She is an attention whore and when she doesn’t get attention from us, she will walk away and mark somewhere.
    At first I applied it to her fur for 2 weeks and it did absolutely nothing to calm her insecurities. I had given up. Then after a month of being fed up with pee, going on piss patrol several times a day , I revisited the solution and applied it directly into each meal(3times a day, 4-6 drops each time for a 10lb cat). It worked almost immediately. I mean like that week she didn’t mark. She became friendlier towards our other house cat who has been her companion since Cleo was 2. She doesn’t hiss when we walk past her as she’d always done in the past, her hisses have been replaced with soft meows. In the month that I’ve beem putting these drops in her food, she’s pissed outside the box 2ce. Once cause my husband forgot to add the drops to her breakfast and the other time I’m suspecting it was because she was dying for my husband’s attention while he was scrolling on his phone, in the den which is normally where Cleo gets a lot of attention from him.
    I work from home so there’s always someone around to interact with our two housecats. It’s just this is her alpha personality and I am so happy I gave this stuff a second chance. I really didn’t want to reserve to prescription anxiety meds.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Wow, that is a great story! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the drops. I have not tried putting in my cat’s food that is an interesting option. I am glad the drops work one way or the other for you can Cleo!


  10. SharonRPh

    Thank you for your article on these drops.  I had never considered needing to give a cat anxiety drops – but if he’s a rescue there’s no telling the trauma he may have suffered.  Thank you for a well-written review of the product.  Obviously you care very much about your pet and his comfort as well as others and are willing to share your experience.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Sharon,

      I never realized how common anxiety in cats can be until I discovered how well these drops work for our boy. It never occurred to me that peeing around the house for example could be from anxiety. I see so many posts online with people having this problem and I hope I can get the word out that this may be an easy solution. 

      Thank you for stopping by,


  11. ecpags74

    That is an interesting mixture.  My cats were always mellow and never appeared stressed.  

    I like the idea of something to spread on the cat as opposed to something that it has to ingest.

    Right now I have two chihuahuas and they are both anxious with thunderstorms and the younger is anxious whenever we light a fire.  Do you think that these types of drops would work on dogs?  I would love to have a decent night’s sleep during a storm without my dog walking around and panting and waking me up!

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      I am glad you asked this since I just learned something new! I looked and see that Jackson Galaxy makes a line of drops for dogs! There is a Safe Space for Dogs drop but that is for territorial issues.There is another one called Storm Soother however that is specifically for the problems you are describing. If you click on my link to Amazon for the cat drops, you can type in Storm Soother into the search bar and see it on Amazon. It would certainly give it a try! 

      Thanks for the question, I hope the Storm Soother drops work for your chihuahuas.


  12. Albert

    Most cats are unbelievably jumpy. I don’t have one but my cousin has a cat and it is always moving around with excitement. I will share your post with my cousin but I have also a question to ask:

    Cats are energetic by their nature. How do you know if they are actually nervous or they are just excited and are having fun?

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Albert,

      My cat gets the drops twice a day and he is “normal”. He is calm and happy when he is resting but he often tears around the house and plays with my other boy cat. They roughhouse, run straight up the 6 foot tall cat tree and play fight all the time. This shows that the drops are not a sedative, they just keep cats from being anxiety ridden and acting scared or aggressive for no apparent reason. 

      Most cats won’t need these drops. These are just for cats that have specific problems possibly caused by abuse in their past which we will never know about when we adopt them from a shelter. 

      Cats are fast and can dart around and that is normal, but peeing all over even when they know they are not supposed to is not normal. That is either a medical or mental problem. If it is not due to a medical problem, these drops can help. 

  13. Victor

    I have a cat but he isn’t anxious, as of today. But I’m glad to see that there’s a more holistic form to ease anxiety in cats. It’s like an essential oil and how humans use them. I’m glad to learn about this today. I’m also glad that I can pronounce the ingredients. 

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Victor,

      Yes, being able to pronounce the ingredients sure is nice! I am glad your cat is happy. If you ever hear of someone with a cat who has “behavior problems” you will know of something to suggest. 

      Thanks for stopping by,



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