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Where Can I Find Cat Sedatives?

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Where Can I Find Cat Sedatives?

Cat sedatives are useful for travel, introducing new pets to the household or any time your cat may be scared from fireworks, construction or thunderstorms. Unlike a prescription sedative, Licks ZEN Calming Aid uses natural ingredients that really work! I was impressed by how quickly this took affect on my Norwegian Forest Cat. This gravy-like, cat sedative supplement calmed my boy right down.

You can skip the vet appointment now and get a calming aid/sedative delivered to your door that is safe and effective. Please always take your cats to a vet first to rule out health problems.

Ingredients in Licks Zen Calming Aid Include:

  • Tryptophan (the natural calming amino acid found in turkey and other foods), 75 mg
  • L-Theanine (another natural amino acid) 35 mg
  • Eleuthero Root (Organic) 25 mg
  • Ashwagandha Root (Organic) 15 mg
  • Natural Roasted Chicken Flavor
  • Natural Rosemary

Licks ZEN is 100% Human Grade and Made in America!

Unlike cheap products made in China with unknown ingredients, Licks Zen is made in America and claims to use 100% human grade ingredients. There is a label that says it is for use in cats only but I guess hypothetically you could taste it yourself. I am not recommending this however!

How Do You Administer Licks Zen Calming Aid To Cats?

You can add the gravy like liquid to wet cat food, put it in their mouth directly or put it on their paw to lick off. Some cats like the taste, some will not touch it or go near it. If your cat doesn’t like the taste you can put it on their paw and being clean freaks they will lick it off anyway or get a syringe (no needle) made for giving liquid medication and use that to squeeze it into their mouth.

I have to admit, my boy was not crazy about the taste though it didn’t smell bad to me. It had a very rich, meaty/gravy smell. I ended up putting a tiny bit on his paw to lick off.

A Small Amount Works. You Don’t Have to Use the Whole Packet!

The box contains 30 single serving packets. I used a small amount that was not the whole dose. You might try this and see if it works for your cat too. The packets are handy since you can take just one with you to the vet or on a trip.

How Well Does Licks ZEN Calming Aid Work for Cats?

I was amazed how well this worked on my boy. We had run out of his usual anti-anxiety supplement and tried this instead. If you need to calm your cat right down, I would definitely try this.

Do I Recommend Licks ZEN Calming Aid for Cats?

I recommend Licks ZEN Calming Aid for cat for travel, thunderstorms, fireworks or other one time events when you need to calm your cat down. I also recommend it for a very scared, nervous or aggressive cat. I do not prefer it for everyday use since my cat doesn’t like the taste and therefore it would be hard to give it to him all the time. It also seems to make him tired and I wouldn’t want to drug my cat so he is tired all the time. For specific uses however, I think this a great product!

What Do I Recommend For Everyday Cat Calming?

If you have to give your cat something for everyday use (nervous, jumpy, scared cat or one that pees outside the box due to anxiety), I recommend these products. Jackson Galaxy Drops that go on the fur, and Sentry Calming Collar. Those are what I use on my cat on a daily basis with great results. Check out my reviews by clicking the links above.

If you have any thoughts or questions on finding a cat sedative, please leave a comment below!


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  1. Danielle Packer

    This site really helped me understand what I needed to help my cat relax while we drive for many hours as he gets very stressed. Thanks for the tip, I’ll be sure to follow them 🙂

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Danielle,

      I hope these products work as well for you as they do for my kitties. There is no reason to have stressed kitties if we can give them these products to make life easier! Thank you for stopping by,

  2. Jill

    Hi Jessica,
    It is so good to find a natural, safe way to keep a cat calm. There is nothing worse than trying to keep your cat calm and happy when taking him to the vet. It is so hard on the poor kitty to be frightened and unnecessary when there is something they can safely take.
    Thanks for this information, Jessica.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Jill,
      Yes, there is just no need to have our poor pets stressed out unnecessarily. I am so glad I found these products that work! Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Scott Hinkle

    Thank you so much for this post.

    I have a friend who adopts a lot of cats.  She actually works at a grocery store and ends up bringing the strays home from work a lot.

    Her house is pretty busy and has 3 rather large dogs too.  I can see a cat sedative being of great benefit to her.

    I’m going to forward her this post and see what she thinks.

    On a side note, do you have a similar article for dogs or might this seductive work for them as well?

    Thanks again,


    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Scott,

      Thank you for sharing this post with your friend. Yes. The same brand makes products for dogs as well. If you click on my link in the post it takes you to Amazon. If you type in “Licks Zen Dog” it will show you all the products they have. There is a very similar calming aid to the cat one as well as others for anti-aggression, hip and joint, digestion etc. 

      Thank you,


  4. DorcasW

    Hello Jessica; this cat sedative seems to work very good as I can see the ingredients are all good human natural ingredients. 

    I believe that the best treatment for any animal is the treatment that is made up of human-friendly ingredients. One will have no need to fare when giving the sedative to one’s pet because the ingredients are known to the human smell and taste.

    Do you take your cat along on journeys?


    1. Jessica (Post author)


      No, I don’t take my cats out very often. They don’t like going far from home. If I have to take them somewhere it is good to be able to calm them down however. 

      I feel much better giving them something natural and that I could probably even taste myself!

      Thanks for stopping by and for your comments,



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