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What is Catastrophi Creations (Cat Wall Furniture)?

Young cat climbing on wrought iron bench.

What is CatastrophiCreations (Cat Wall Furniture)?

CatastophiCreations is a brand of wall mounted cat furniture including your choice of ramps, loungers, stairs, shelves and scratching posts. Their products are very highly rated and offer a range of color, finish options and price points. Some options even include built in space for food and water bowls as well as planters for cat friendly plants. These cat furniture pieces can fit in any size home, look great and give cats exercise and entertainment. CatastrophiCreations cat wall furniture takes advantage of vertical space and would work well in place of a traditional cat tree.

Wall Mounted Activity Cat Tree Shelf Set

CatastrophiCreations Climb Wall Mounted Activity Cat Tree Shelf Set, English Chestnut/Natural

Why Get Cat Shelves/ Cat Wall Furniture?

  • Cat shelves save floor space giving cats vertical room to play and sleep.
  • Cat shelves give cats a safe place to escape floor traffic, kids, dogs and other pets.
  • Cat shelves make cats feels secure since they naturally prefer to be up high.
  • Cat shelves can help behavior problems by giving cats more space, a sense of security and a way to play and relax.
  • Cat shelves give cats exercise!
  • Cat shelves give cats entertainment and mental stimulation.
  • Cat shelves look neat and are always a great conversation starter.
  • Cat shelves show you truly care about your cat and treat them as part of the family.
  • Cat shelves add a unique element to any home that is both attractive and functional.
  • Cat shelves provide an acceptable space to play where they won’t break things or get in trouble.
  • Cat shelves/wall furniture with sisal rope give cats lots of scratching opportunities and helps save furniture.

How is CatastropiCreations rated?

CatastrophiCreations products are all highly rated by customers. Their top-end option with all the ramps, stairs, loungers, scratching posts and room for planters and bowls gets a perfect rating though it is the most expensive product in the line. You can choose this full package with many possibilities for configuration or try a smaller package first. The lower priced stairs and hammock sets also have high ratings and more reviews. See more details about customer reviews at the end of this post.

Try the Wall Mounted Cat Bridge Shelf


CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Wall Mounted Cat Bridge Shelf, Unfinished

This cool cat bridge holds up to 85 pounds! Even the largest cats or multiple cats can lounge on this bridge in secure comfort!

Wall Mounted Cat Bridge Lounge Shelf

CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Wall Mounted Cat Bridge Lounge Shelf, Unfinished/Black

Why Buy CatastrophiCreations vs Other Brands?

There are other brands of wall mounted furniture available but I have not seen another brand offer so many options and mix and match pieces. If you want just a single lounger you can buy that. If you want a stairway and small set you have that option. You can get a full set with many activities for your cat or mix and match individual pieces to fit your home, wall space, cat’s needs or price range. You can also get any of the pieces in a range of wood stain and fabric color options to match a wide variety of decor and personal tastes. Your cat probably won’t care what color the fun wall climbers are but you may have a preference between warm neutrals or sophisticated darks. This brand also weight tests it’s pieces and rates them based on fabric or wood construction holding at least 62 pounds each. Each piece is made of heavy duty canvas and sold wood. Canvas can be removed to wash or replace.

CatastophiCreations cat furniture has the following features:

  • Limitless possible arrangements and additions with modular design,
  • Strong, sturdy design. Weight tested pieces hold 62 pounds on fabric and 85 pounds on solid wood shelves.
  • Made of solid wood and heavy duty canvas,
  • Fabric can be removed for washing or replaced with a different color,
  • Highly rated by customers,
  • Range of canvas and wood stain color options.

Here are the color options available. All these variations may be available on the larger modular sets.

  • English Chestnut/Charcoal Grey
  • English Chestnut/Black
  • English Chestnut/Neutral
  • Onyx/Charcoal Grey
  • Onyx/Black
  • Onyx/Neutral
  • Unfinished/Charcoal Grey
  • Unfinished/Black
  • Unfinished/Neutral

The canvas fabric can also be removed for washing!

Not all color options may be available through Amazon at a certain time, however I have seen the prices on Amazon are lower than those on the company’s own website so I would  recommend ordering through Amazon.

How Much Weight Can CatastrophiCreations Furniture Hold?

On the company’s website there are photos of the weight testing done on their furniture pieces. Cat hammocks and floating sisal post steps are tested to hold 62 pounds each. Wooden shelves hold 85 pounds each.

Mounting planks and cat shelves are all made of solid wood. The fabric is all heavy weight canvas which is very strong but can be removed for washing.

How Many Price Options are There?

CatastrophiCreations has a range of wall mounted cat furniture sets ranging from under $100 to over $500. As well as the two shown above there items under $50 and all prices in between.

How Do You Install CatastrophiCreations Cat Furniture?

There are more detailed instructions for mounting each piece on the company’s website. I recommend buying through Amazon since the prices are lower but going to the company website to find detailed mounting instructions with photos. You will need to be able to install the pieces to your wall so don’t get this if you can’t put holes in your walls. The pieces are made to fit the spacing of standard construction to match studs in most walls. Grommets are spaced along the canvas to give secure spacing options.

All parts are included but you will need a stud finder and electric drill to install cat furniture.

What Do Customers Say About CatastrophiCreations?

Most all the sets get perfect 5 star reviews on CatastrophiCreations website. There are many comments stating they love their purchase, their cats love it and one states it is so great it must be made of catnip! I saw multiple comments about the company’s wonderful customer service. There are many comments that the customer’s cats recommend it, love it and it is worth every penny. I only saw one review that was 4 stars instead of 5 and that was just because their cats were still getting used to it. Everyone said the pieces are high quality and look great on their wall.

On Amazon’s website there are very high average reviews as well. There are a few more negative reviews than on the company site but from what I have seen they may be based on unreasonable expectations (leaving holes in the wall if you don’t find the studs first) and a few complains about things like the wood being rough. if any items were actually broken it sounds like customer service is excellent and will replace them. The vast majority of reviews are very high or give a perfect rating.

Are There Cat Furniture Options That Don’t Need to Be Attached to A Wall?

If you can’t leave holes in your walls, check out these options for vertical cat furniture by other brands. There are cat window seats, affordable, tall cat trees (that my cats love) and more reviewed here. Cat Furniture For Apartments. Cat trees that stand on the floor are a standard that all cats seem to enjoy. The one I review is very affordable and has held up to years of wear and tear by my 4 cats.

Try CatastrophiCreations or My Other Recommendations and Let Me Know What Your Cats Think!

You can see the whole range of Catastrophicreations products on here or PetCo here: CatastrophiCreations. I hope you try one of their wall mounted sets or my recommended cat tree or cat furniture for apartments . If you get one of these products for your feline, please come back and let me know what you and your buddy think in a comment.


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  1. Sujandar Mahesan

    CatastropiCreations sounds like an amazing product to invest in. By reading this article I understood that this can be really qualitative and also useful. My cousin has a cat and for her upcoming birthday I think this would be an amazing gift for her. Thank you so much for pointing out this product and sharing it.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Sujandar,

      I really like these cat furniture pieces and hope your cousin and her cat does too! Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Riaz Shah

    Very catchy Jessica!

    Cat-astrophiCreations, they wouldn’t have picked a better name. I just checked out the wall hammock, it looks really nice and cute! Imagine walking up and down the stairs when you wake up in the morning just to see your cats either sleeping or running up and down there, it’s very heart-warming and will definitely put a smile on your face. Is the hammock removable if I were to wash it?

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Yes, the canvas on all the pieces is removable for washing. I think that is one of the really great features of this brand and something that makes it unique. It is sturdy but can still be removed and washed. 

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Pentrental

    Excellent post for cat lovers! I haven’t heard a lot about CastastriphiCreations so this post was very helpful, thank you. The Cat Mods Garden Set looks awesome! I can picture cats spending hours up there exploring and lounging. I have a few friends who would really be interested in this and I have forwarded them your post. Well done!

    1. Jessica (Post author)


      Yes, the Cat Mod Gardens set looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it myself. I am sure my cats would love it and it would look fantastic on the wall. I love the fact that planter boxes are incorporated. I have read reviews that the planters are not water-proof however so a separate pot would be needed. 

      Thank you for stopping by,


  4. Sue

    Hello Jessica, and thank you so much for calling our attention to these uniquely practical, fun and beautiful products for us cat lovers and our beloved pussycats. This is such an amazing idea, I can’t believe I never heard of it before. And of course cats love to climb and play so this is just perfect for a household with more than one cat.

    I was wondering about durability because our cats get pretty rowdy when they’re doing their high speed chases, put you explained how sturdy the creations are. This is definitely something we will be looking into. And the fact that they actually enhance the home decor is just fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing CatastrophiCreations with us!


    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hi Sue,

      I think the sturdiness all depends on how well you get them mounted into the wall. If they are attached to the studs in the wall they should be very sturdy. If you miss and they just go through sheetrock, they would not be strong. The components themselves should be very stout since they are made of solid wood and heavy duty canvas (which is very strong). I have not had the chance to try these myself but they get high ratings from customers.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Son

    Hello Jessica, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about Catastrophi Creations which sounds like a brand I could really trust, I really want to buy a bunch of cat furniture so my new cat can feel more at home.

    The way you laid it out is perfect and informative. Given how many good ratings there are from customers then it is definitely worth checking out. Thank you for taking the time to do a great review. I never buy a product until I have read reviews.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      I agree. There is no reason to purchase a product without the free information we can get from reviews. Why take a chance when we can make an educated decision about how to spend our money!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Smart Mzumara

    Hi! Jessica,

    Thanks for the information we need to know about cats.

    When i was growing up, we had cats and I really loved cats. Unfortunately, I don’t think we took care of them the way you have explained here. Just recently, my daughter wants us to get her a cat. I was hesitant because I was not sure if she was going to be able to take care of the cat. I have the confidence that I can get a cat for her and refer her to this website.

    You have provided all what is needed for cats to be cared for. Catastophi Creations is so cool and very interesting to learn.

    I did not know that cats can over eat and develop health issues like us who suffer from overweight due to overeating..

    Once again, thanks for the information


    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thank you. I am glad my information is useful to you and may help your daughter if she gets a cat. 


  7. Rus

    Hi there great article!. I think these systems are great for keeping cats entertained while allowing them to entertain us humans too!!. I always think it’s great fun to be able to watch cats play and these systems certainly allow for that. I’m sure the cats love them!. A great way to stop them sharpening their claws on the furniture too!!

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Yes. They are a great idea all around. Thanks Rus.

  8. Monalisha

    Hello Jessica,
    Thanks for the information that we should know about cats. I have a Persian cat. I love to pet him. But I didn’t know that what will be best for him. You have provided all what is needed for cats to be cared for. CatastrophiCreations is such a really nice brand. Their product are really looking cool and very high rated. It’s installation is so easy. Thanks you again.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      I am glad you liked this and hope you can get it for your Persian cat someday. 

  9. Rana

    Hi Jessica

    This is a very informative article about CatastrophiCreations. Very useful article for those who love cats. I also love cats. I have a white cat. My cat is very dear to my family, I was planning a lot of days to give my cat such a product. I think my cat would be very happy to get this product. Give this product gift on my cat’s birthday.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us!

  10. nasrin19

    Hi, I have read your article. I like the cat very much. I also have a cat.  But I would like to take better care of my cat. I would like to have a catastrophi creation. It will keep my cat strong and fit. I would like to buy this product from Amazon. After having this it is very useful. My sister has a cat so it will be an amazing gift for her. Now I have provided all that is needed for cats to have cared.  Catastrophe Creations is so cool and very interesting to learn. The Cat Mods Garden Set looks awesome!

    Thanks to you now I am sharing your post to my friends.

  11. Todd Matthews

    What’s really cool here is that this cat furniture can literally blend in with the rest of the furniture in a living room or rec room, due to all the color choices. Despite being furniture for cats who wish to be up higher, they also look to be rather decorative in a house as well, giving any room containing these more of an accessory. Both cats and people will be completely satisfied with the addition of such products. 

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Yes, I love the look of these pieces. Unlike tacky plastic or carpet covered stuff or cheesy smiling cat faces on some items online, these look attractive. Adding these to your house will make it look interesting and elevated, not like a hodgepodge of random stuff. 

      Why not have the best of both worlds? Make your cat happy, make yourself happy and add real value to your home.

      Thanks for your thoughts here.


  12. RoDarrick

    Excellent post on catastrophic creations. The name sounds funny though. I haven’t heard a thing about it before now and it seem like a very good creation for cat lovers. Atleast, it would give the cat a feel of a natural environment and freedom. But then, the hole in the wall might be a little problem though. Well, if there’s a consensus reached at home, then it could be allowed.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      The holes in the wall should not be any larger than attaching a bookcase or shelf to the wall. Once you install these you will probably leave them there so unless you are a short term renter it shouldn’t be a problem.

      I agree the name is strange! I wonder how they came up with it. 

  13. Stella

    Cat is an adoring pet to be around with. Before, my cat does not have anywhere to stay than to move around freely in my home. I make sure I get perfect furniture that can’t get scratched by the cat. But this days,am having the mind of getting a nice cage for my cat because my kid has not gotten used to it yet. He’s not too comfortable with cat as a pet. I know with time,he will get used to it as he’s growing. While checking different products out, I bumped into CatastropiCreations and am in the process of getting one. I think I’ll purchase through Amazon because of the price. Thanks for this review.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      I am glad you are interested in getting a set of wall furniture for your cat. That would be a much better solution to keep your cat and your kid separated than putting your cat in a cage. I hope it works out well for you and your family. 

  14. Faheem

    Must be something really exotic to have this in your home. You mentioned washing the posts, so I suppose it’s supposed to last you quite a while. Makes me wonder. How long do cats legitimately stay interested in this. I can imagine it would be interesting when it’s just new, but do cats stay interested in it? Also, I wonder if nobody’s cat ever jumped from up high to pounce on them after exploring new heights.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Cats naturally like to be up high. That is a position that is safer for them as a small mammal.I think cats would stay interested in this forever because it is a place not a toy. My cats still love to sleep on top of their huge cat tree that is 6 feet tall. I have had it for over 2 years and they still use it just as much as ever. Toys get boring, being up high does not get boring for a cat. Cats don’t jump on people to attack. Cats only jump on your shoulders to get a free ride or be close to you. 

  15. Kaju

    I LOVE CatastropiCreations Jessica, such an engaging and useful product. It makes me want to be a cat, I woiuld have so much FUN.
    And I LOVE your website!

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thank you Kaju. I think these pieces of cat furniture are a great way to help indoor cats feel alive and have room to really be cats!

  16. Jordan Smith

    CatastrophiCreations is really wonderful. It definitely met my high expectation in both esthetics and quality. Our kitten really loves to climb and play on the different levels. When she is not on the Play-place, it looks just like a piece of wall art.
    I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Well-done Jessica.


    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Jordan,

      I am so glad your cat likes CatasrophiCreations and you like the look of it too! It really is a great brand and nice to have something attractive in the home that is not plastic or cheap looking. It should last for your cat’s life too so you can add onto it if you want and expand the levels but you should not have to replace any of the components. 

      Thanks for letting me know you like it,


  17. Nick F

    Hey Jessica,

    CatastrophiCreations seems like an awesome product line! Surprised I’ve never heard of them before reading this post. While i do not have a cat, I do have a ferret. You think he would like something like this? He loves climbing and burrowing into things.

    p.s. Your website looks great!

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Nick,
      I had not thought of it but that is a great idea! I think ferrets would love these shelves, stairs, and toys. I can picture a ferret having a ball exploring them and they should be about the right size for a ferret as well since a ferret is a similar length to a cat though smaller around.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and I am so glad you like the look of my site too!
      If you get some wall furniture for your ferret please come back and share some pictures or give an update about how he likes it.



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