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Jackson Galaxy Cat Drops

What are Jackson Galaxy Cat Drops?

Jackson Galaxy Solutions cat drops are a line of health and behavior products for cats that can be applied to the fur or added to water. Jackson Galaxy is a cat behaviorist well known for his TV show “My Cat From Hell”. He helps cats and their owners overcome trauma, health problems, fear and behavior problems to live happily ever after. He appears to be a miracle worker understanding cat’s feelings and thoughts and offering simple solutions for pet parents. You can get the power of Jackson Galaxy’s natural solutions at home with his line of cat drops. I have used them for years and personally recommend them. Jackson Galaxy Solutions cat drops were developed by a veterinarian, Dr. Jean Hofve in 1995. The products in this line are effective, safe  for your pets and easy to use. Always have your cat seen by

What Conditions Do Jackson Galaxy Cat Drops Treat?

Jackson Galaxy cat drops come in many formulas to address a wide range of health and behavior problems including:

  • Jumpiness and Anxiety
  • Aggression to other pets and people
  • Obsessive behavior such as over grooming
  • Timidity and hiding
  • Bullying other pets
  • Stress from moving, new pets, storms, travel and more
  • Digestive problems such as diarrhea and constipation
  • Allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems
  • Arthritis
  • and many more

To see all the Jackson Galaxy cat drop options on Amazon click here.

My Experience with Jackson Galaxy Cat Drops

One of the many products in the collection of Jackson Galaxy cat drops is his Safe Space For Cats. I have been using  Safe Space for Cats Drops for several years. This formula is designed for cats that feel jumpy, nervous or scared. Jumping at noises, running away and hiding are clear signs of anxiety but there can be many other signs such as peeing on things outside the litter box or acting grumpy or anti-social. Pulling out fur is another sign that can indicate anxiety. Of course you should always get your cat checked by a veterinarian first to rule out any medical concerns with any  of these behaviors. If no medical condition is found, try Safe Space for Cats or one of the other drops in this line that is appropriate for your cat’s behavior.

My Success With Safe Space For Cats Drops For Jumpiness and Peeing

I use Safe Space for Cats Drops for my Norwegian Forest Cat boy who was very jumpy and nervous. He was a rescue and who knows what happened in his past. He was sulky, nervous and anti-social. He also started peeing on everything. He peed on carpets, bath mats (his favorite), clothes, even the bed! It was awful. We took him to the vet multiple times and they could never find a cause. It seemed to be mental rather than due to a physical condition.

He was prescribed a liquid anti-anxiety liquid that had to be mixed at a local compounding pharmacy. The stuff was very expensive and he HATED it. He refused to take it even mixed in food. When I happened to taste some of it when it was on my finger I discovered why he hated it. It tasted like poison! Ever since then I have been reluctant to give my cats prescription medications. Some taste bad. Some don’t work and many have potential side effects. They are also expensive and require a prescription. Why not use a natural product that you can order online and get anytime without a prescription? Why not give your pet a natural product like this that can be applied to the fur instead of forced down their throat? This has no smell and my cats don’t run from it in fear. It looks and smells like water. They don’t like water on their fur but a few drops of water is a lot better than something terribly bitter that tastes like poison they are forced to ingest.

With the drops applied to his fur twice per day as well as a Sentry Calming Collar, he is a perfect boy now. He is truly happy, follows me around, cuddles and plays with his ‘siblings’ and seems all around content. He does not pee on things except maybe once or twice a year instead of every single day.

Jackson Galaxy Solutions Safe Space for Cats was developed specifically to deal with urine marking in type of situation.

Success With Jackson Galaxy Cat Drops for Pulling Out Fur

My other boy, my sweet, orange tabby, also developed anxiety last year and started pulling out his fur. We still do not know why but it may have had something to do with the development of his heart murmur or his food intolorances.  In any case, it was probably made worse when we adopted another cat. He is now happy and they get along but at the time it was traumatic for him. I tried the Safe Space for Cats drops to see if they would help and they did! it was amazing. I also ordered Jackson Galaxy Obsession Solution drops. I tried them and they helped but honestly the Safe Space For Cats seems to work better so we are sticking with that. It is handy to have one product for both boys! Now instead of large chunks of fur all over the floor and a cat with bald spots, his fur has all grown back and he is soft, fluffy and happy. It has eliminated 95% of his fur pulling at least.  I can’t recommend this product highly enough. It is wonderful!

My orange tabby boy happy in bed

Make Your Cat Healthy and Happy with Jackson Galaxy Cat Drops

Why Choose Jackson Galaxy Cat Drops?

Jackson Galaxy Cat Drops are:

  • Safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Developed by a veterinarian
  • Natural
  • Effective
  • Formulated for many health and behavior problems
  • Do not have to be ingested, just rub onto the fur!
  • Can be added to water
  • Don’t taste or smell bad to cats or people like prescriptions.
  • Easy to use
  • More affordable and convenient than prescriptions
  • Can be ordered any time so you never run out
  • Delivered to your door

What Are the Ingredients in Jackson Galaxy Cat Drops

All Jackson Galaxy cat drops have natural ingredients. The formulas differ but common ingredients to many of the drops are:

  • Natural Spring Water
  • Essence of Lotus,
  • Alcohol (as a preservative)

Many other plant and flower essences are used in specific Jackson Galaxy formulas such as:

  • Chamomile
  • Marsh Thistle
  • Pineapple
  • Pale Tiger Swallowtail
  • Walnut
  • Lavender
  • Willow
  • Red Clover
  • Sweet Pea
  • Pink Fairy Orchid
  • Noni
  • Rainbow Kelp
  • Vervain
  • They also include reiki energy and full color spectrum light. I have no idea how this works but IT WORKS for my cats. That is all that matters to me. It is safe, effective and solves my cat’s problems.

Jackson Galaxy Solutions or Rescue Remedy?

All cats are different and this line of drops does not work for every cat. Some owners claim they have better luck with Rescue Remedy for Pets. Others claim the opposite however and say Rescue Remedy did not work but Jackson Galaxy Solutions does,

What Products Are Available in the Jackson Galaxy Solutions Line of Cat Drops?

Click the link above to check out the wide range of drops available. Here are some of the drops in the Solutions line.

  • Safe Space for Cats
  • Safe Space for Dogs
  • Bully Solution
  • Night Owl Solution
  • Scaredy Cat
  • Easy-Breather
  • Ultimate Skin Soother
  • Declaw Solution
  • Winter Blues Solution
  • Creak Away
  • Peacemaker
  • Stress Stopper
  • Hyper Helper
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Happy Tummy
  • Obsession Solution
  • Feral Flower Formula
  • Changing Times
  • Grouch Solution
  • Easy Traveler
  • Intensive Care
  • Self Esteem
  • UR Fine
  • Healthy Helper
  • Skin Soother
  • Trauma Free

“Spirit Essences” or “Solutions”? What is the Difference and Has the Formula Changed?

Jackson Galaxy’s cat drops are now labeled as Jackson Galaxy Solutions. Until recently the label said Jackson Galaxy Spirit Essences. Regardless of the label, these are the exact same products. The same formula is used with the new label. The company mentions that they are continuing to refine their formulas however so there may be a new ingredient added to certain drops over time.

How Should These Drops Be Used?

Solutions cat drops can be used in several different applications. They can be:

  • Applied as drops smoothed on your cat’s fur.
  • Added to cat’s drinking water.
  • Added to cat food.
  • Sprayed around the home.

I only apply the drops to my cat’s fur. It seems to me that having the drops on the fur is more effective than spraying it around the home since the drops would get used up faster that way. I also don’t prefer to put them in food or water for several reasons.

I don’t like adding anything to my cat’s water because I want to make sure they drink lots of water. Lack of water is a leading cause of kidney disease in cats and can also lead to UTI’s and other health problems. Kidney disease can become fatal and is a leading killer of domestic cats. Some cats may not mind these drops in their water but I just don’t like to go that route.

I also don’t want to waste the drops on the other cats that don’t need them. If I put the drops in their water, all four of my cats would be getting them.

The problem goes for food. If I put drops on their wet food, I don’t know that the intended cats are the ones who will get them.  I also don’t know if the smell of the food would overpower the drops and impede their effectiveness.

How Many Drops Should be Used and How Should They Be Applied?

I use more drops than directed and use them only twice per day rather than three or four times per day as directed. If you are just starting out with the drops it may be most effective to use them more often but it is not necessary for my cats.

I put the drops in my palm and then use the fingers of my other hand to dab into the drops and then smooth them on the fur around the head, neck, back and front legs of my cat. I put them closer to his front half where he can smell them better (I imagine…I really don’t know but that is how I apply them).

Speaking of which, I need to go give my boys their drops right now.

If you have a cat with health or behavior problems, please check out the extensive list of formulas available in the Jackson Galaxy Solutions line of cat drops. I hope they work well for your cat. If you have any thoughts or questions please let me know  by leaving a comment below.

More Information

For more information on cat health and behavior problems and solutions, please look around this website. The Categories on the right side of the page will take you to the specific topics you select.

Please note: I am not a veterinarian. Nothing in this post constitutes medical advice. Always see a veterinarian before starting a new diet or attempting to diagnose any medical condition.



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  1. Charles

    Thanks again Jessica. It’s nice to see another Thriving Cat article. This is an interesting topic. So the cats can have trauma especially when they are a rescue. Makes total sense. Since we can’t give them the same kind of therapy as humans a remedy like this can help ease their suffering. It sounds like a very caring thing to do. I definitely believe that they could have some kind of healing energy in them if the guy is an energy worker guy. Very cool. Thanks!

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Charles,

      It is impossible to know what rescued pets have been through and how traumatic it could be. These drops work. I can’t explain exactly how they work but I know they do! 



  2. Riaz Shah

    I think one of my cats might be from hell too! Unlike its other siblings who love humans and sleep all day as if my couch is theirs, Koko is very jumpy and doesn’t like to be picked up although it likes to be petted on so I’m so sure if it’s scared of humans or if it’s just toying around with us. Either way, do you think the Jackson Galaxy cat drops would make it more friendly for me to pick it up and give it a nice hot bathe? 🙂

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Riaz,

      Yes, Jackson Galaxy cat drops (specifically the Safe Space for Cats drops) should help your cat relax and feel more secure. This will deal with the jumpiness and make your cat happy and probably more affectionate as well. I am not sure about the bath part of your question. Cats don’t like baths and should not be bathed unless necessary. If you want to clean up your cat a bit, I suggest cat bathing wipes. Get your cat clean without the hassle of an actual bath. There are many, many brands available online and in most stores. 


  3. Jim

    Hi Jessica. Thank you for your review on Jackson Galaxy cat drops. We have a beautiful Siamese cross cat that allows us to live with her. Don’t ask me what the cross part is because I have no idea. She came to us as a very young kitten, i believe she was taken from her mother far to young. Because of this she seem to suffer from anxiety and is easily stressed out. We can’t pick her up as she hates this, but she will purr at our feet. If we have any visitors she runs a mile. The only other person she trusts is our little dog Tina, they sleep together, play together and even have arguments. But it worries us that she is scared of our grandchildren and , to a degree us. Do you think that Jacksons Stress stopper or self esteem drops would help? Jim 

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hi Jim,

      Yes, I am fairly confident Jackson Galaxy drops would help her. My rescued boy was so jumpy, angry and misbehaved, he seemed hopeless. He is now a perfect cat. Loving, calm and well behaved. 

      I have not used the Stress Stopper or Self Esteem formulas but I can recommend the Safe Space for Cats from personal experience. You could certainly try the others but the Safe Space drops are the ones I have used for years now to great success. 

      I really hope you try them and they work for your Siamese mix girl.



  4. MissusB

    If only we can read out cat’s mind, then we can probably make things easier for them. I didn’t know that anxiety are also experienced by cats and that they could exhibit certain behaviors because of it. I thought the reason why they pee outside the litter box was simply because they are naughty or slow learner, or that they are pulling out fur because there are areas which just keeps on getting itchy. Fortunately, we have a great solution for this anxiety behavior which is the Safe Space Cat drops.

    I like that it is made with natural ingridients which makes it safe for our pets to consume. I also like the idea that you can choose between applying it to their fur or mixing it with water. Cat parents can decide which is a better way to give it to their cats. Jackson Galaxy has such an amazing line of products that can really give remedy to different problems our cat experiences. Thanks for sharing this informative article. I hope you can share more on how to help our pets deal with with their physical, behavioral or emotional problems.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      I am so glad you enjoyed reading about Jackson Galaxy cat drops and now know that misbehavior in cats is usually caused by some sort of anxiety or health problem. 

      It broke my heart to realize that my boy was so stressed and that was why he was behaving the way he did. The more time we spend loving him and giving him these drops, the better he gets. He has gotten better and better each year until now he is just about perfect. 

      Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will check out Thriving Cat again in the future.


  5. Shane Fegan

    This is a really prevalent storyline and something that is important for all pet/cat owners to review and look at if they need it.

    Like humans, pets can struggle with taking medicine and certain liquids, so finding something like the Galaxy Cat Drops which provides an effective alternative is very important.

    Cats can be flighty of course and that can be even more dangerous if you have children or kids in the vicinity.

    The fresh ingredients associated with the Galaxy Cat Drops should make it a viable option for cat owners, and in general, the Jackson Galaxy formulas provide a real healthy solution.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thank you Shane. They are great products and I fully recommend them. 


  6. Carol5162

    It is amazing that there are people gifted in reading and understanding animals. Our family cat is quite aggressive to other outsider pets. She recently had kittens and sometimes I see how she ‘mistreats’ her own kittens.

    I would love to try the Jackson Galaxy Solution for this behaviour. Hopefully it does the miracle that we hope for. I like that the drops can be implemented in very easy ways. I wouldn’t want to imagine needing to hold the cat down and force the drop into her mouth, or worse still inject her.

    Thank you for these suggestions.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Carol,

      I hope the drops work well for your cat. Mother cats can be a bit rough with kittens because they need to teach them how the world works and make sure they know what they are supposed to do and not do. If she is too rough with them then I hope the drops work to make her feel more secure. 

      Thank you for stopping by and for your comments, 


  7. Abayomi

    Great article and educative enough to understand the Jackson Galaxy cat drops, its real cats can actually have trauma, when they are a rescue,your write-up is fantastic because knowing the cat behaviors, and its impossible to care for cats like human being, you have really thrown more light into this topic, do you think Jackson Galaxy Cat Drops can do the magic of turning an unfriendly cat to be friendly? I gained many things from your review. Thank for sharing.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Yes, Jackson Galaxy cat drops can make a cat more friendly by making the cat feel more secure and less scared and defensive. 

      Thank you,


  8. shirian

    Recently our cat’s behavior has been changed and we are wondering what happening on her, she some often gets aggressive to around pets and people.she is so scary and acts like we are strange to her. we are totally disappointed of her I came across to your site and glad to got this information about Jackson Galaxy Cat Drops and found out how to help her.
    I will definitely prior to do anything get the cat checked by a veterinarian,if the problem remain unsolved then I will put this drop into consideration. Thanks for your helpful post.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Shirian,

      I am sorry your cat’s attitude has changed. Is your cat getting older or does she have any health problems? If a cat feels weak or threatened they will get aggressive. In the wild it is survival of the fittest so an animal that lashes out is often injured or elderly and therefore feels like it needs to show it is strong so that others don’t take advantage of it’s weakness. It is a show of force to convince other animals to leave it alone but it is really covering up some weakness. 

      Definitely get your cat checked out by a vet and tell them about your cat’s behavior. In any case the drops should help your cat feel more comfortable and secure and therefore improve her behavior. 

      Thank you for your comments, 


  9. Edwin Bernard

    Your article grabbed my attention because my wife and I are cat lovers. We have two sets of two females. We also have three dogs. Cat issues can crop up at any time so it was great to find out that Jackson Galaxy produces a variety of products that can help out when needed. 

    The sisters get along very well with each other but stay away from the other two. The main problem we have with our cats is they scratch the furniture. We got scratch pads that they use. But that still is not enough for them to stop damaging the furniture Can you recommend any solution for that?

    This is a great website for all things cats! 



    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Edwin,

      There are several things you can do to change scratching habits. 

      1) Make sure you provide a great approved place for your cats to scratch. Make sure your scratching posts are the kind covered in sisal rope rather than carpet. Sisal rope is the most widely attractive scratching surface for cats. I have had great success with the large cat tree I recommend since it has 10 built in scratching posts! It is like at scratch heaven for the cats. It has scratching posts on multiple levels as well so they can scratch down low, up high etc. 

      2) When telling your cat not to scratch the furniture try using this nifty, little product that mimics the hiss of a cat instead of your own voice. The hissing sound REALLY gets their attention since it is the sound the mother cat would make to a kitten if it misbehaved. This makes it clear the behavior is wrong rather than just proving the human is grumpy or mean. 

      3) There are scented, attractant products you can put on the area you want the cat to scratch. I purchased one recently and have not tried it yet. All of our cats were great about not scratching the furniture until we got our latest addition who was 14 years old when we adopted her. She is an amazing, spry, youthful, energetic, fireball but she has one, old ingrained habit that is hard to break and that is scratching. When I try it I will let you know how it works. 

      4) You can use catnip on the scratching post you want the cats to use. That should attract them to the area and get them happy and riled up so hopefully they will scratch there. 

      Thanks for your comments and questions! It sounds like you have a very busy and happy house with so many pets.


  10. Dane

    My world!!! So someone can actually understand what’s going on in the mind of cats, that’s very cool I must say. Lately Ivy, my cat is getting aggressive towards her sister and sometimes me, she actually scratched me some time last week. I really need to get this Jackson Galaxy cat drops for her. Luckily I can apply it to her fur because she doesn’t drink any water that has a funny smell. I’m glad I read this post, thanks Jessica. 

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Dane,

      They really work so I would recommend you give them a try. Keep in mind if an older cat starts acting aggressive it can be due to a medical problem or illness. Cats need to defend themselves against younger, stronger animals in the wild and that instinct is still strong in cats. Younger cats can pick on older ones so the older ones get very aggressive to appear strong. 

      I hope your cats are healthy and the drops can help keep the peace!


  11. Aly

    I’m such a big fan of the work that Jackson Galaxy can do for so-called “problem” cats. Usually he finds a way to re-train the owner, so that the humans and felines can find common ground and a better understanding of each other. I haven’t yet needed to try his products for my cats, but I do feel he is a trusted source that truly cares for the well-being of all cats! I would not hesitate to try his products for cats!!

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Aly,

      I had no idea if the drops would work at first but I am a firm believer in them now! They have worked for both of my cats with different problems. If it works for Jackson Galaxy it works for me. 



  12. Nice Gal Nikki

    Hello, Happy to come across your website because I was searching for something for my cat. She is extremely hyper and runs and jumps onto things in my apartment and sometimes breaks things while doing so lol. So I think these Galaxy Cat Drops could be the answer I’ve been searching for. Thanks for sharing

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      I hope the drops work well for you and your cat Nikki. They have been very successful for my cats. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  13. Feochadan

    I am very fortunate that none of my cats suffer from these problems but I can only imagine how a rescue cat may be over anxious and exhibiting these behaviours.  Its interesting that many of the ingredients are also good for calming humans and are used in naturopathic blends.  Perhaps our furry friends aren’t so different from us as we think!

    I am so thankful that such a product exists for these cats.  No cat should have to go through that.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Yes, that is true. I noticed in this and in the Pet Alive supplements that I recommend, many of the ingredients are used for people. 

      These are great products. 

      Thank you,


  14. Gomer

    Thanks for the info. I am thinking if I can use this drops as a eye solution for the cat. I noticed my pet cat’s eyes are blocked by secretions that I do not know. Animals, just like humans, sometimes have deposits of something secreted from the inside like a sticky tears that solidified. But my cat’s look like beyond normal and it’s ugly. Can I use this drops as an optic drops for the cat’s eyes to clear those deposits?

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Gomer,

      No, I have not seen any reference to using these drops in a cats eyes and I would NOT do that. 

      These drops contain alcohol so it would burn their eyes. 

      Please take your cat to the vet to have it checked out.


  15. Alblue

    Thank you very much for recommending Jackson Galaxy products, Jessica. My cousin’s cat is quite jumpy and scaredy, so I believe the Jackson Galaxy Cat Drops will be suitable for her cat. It is very allergic when it comes to ingested products and medicines, so knowing that this one only need to be applied to the fur should make it suitable. I’ll tell about the product so she can try it right away. Thanks 🙂

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello and thank you for stopping by. Yes, I agree that one of the best benefits of Jackson Galaxy drops is that they can be applied to the fur. 

      I hope they help your cousin’s cat. They should help with the jumpiness and being scared. 


  16. Jordan Smith

    Awesome review! My wife brought this “JACKSON GALAXY CAT DROPS” home last month, and I was amazed that it really worked. My Bengal has been peeing outside the box for about 3 years and it’s been a nightmare. we decided to try this on a whim and never expected it to work like it has. I put just a few drops in my hands and rub it on his back a few times a day and he’s a different cat. From this post, it looks like it has so much benefits than I thought.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Jordan,

      I am so glad they worked! I am not surprised though. They are amazingly effective which is cool because they are so simple to use and so benign for the cat. Isn’t it great having a medication that does not need to be ingested?

      The line of drops work for many different conditions both health and behavioral. 

      Thanks for letting me know,


  17. Henderson

    Wow, even cats can suffer from anxiety. Isn’t that just a beautiful thing? Well my sisters cat just started getting sad all of a sudden and it eventually changed its behavior totally. Didn’t want to get picked up and was occasionally scratching the couch. I believe that this product, Jackson Galaxy Cat Drops is really effective especially because you have used the product in the past. I really should try it out. Thanks for giving us a method that worked perfectly for you. We’ll also try it out on the fur. Then you

    1. Jessica (Post author)


      Yes, I was surprised when I learned that a ‘happy drop’ could make my cat stop peeing all over and acting skittish! He is basically crazy without his medication! With it, he is a perfect boy. Cats have feelings just like we do so it isn’t surprising in that regard that they have different needs depending on their background and situation. 

      I hope you try it and it works well for your sister’s cat. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  18. Trevor M

    My discussion about the topic is that everyone wants their animals to be healthy! People spends hundreds on products to help their animals and to find what works not only for them but for their animals! Takes time, money and maybe some trips to the vet. You have great information and personal experience information here that will help and guide people in the right direction! 

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thank you Trevor. As we understand pets better and realize that they have feeling and awareness similar to people, pet owners are becoming more and more committed to caring for them as family. 

      I always strive to offer honest reviews of products I have personally used rather than write-ups of the latest popular trend! If I say it works, I can prove it. 

      Thank you for stopping by,


  19. Tracy

    Excellent article you have here. Just like humans,cats can have issues taking medications too especially some with trauma and as such, it is good to know about this Jackson galaxy cat drop as it could serve as a better alternative that would make life much more easier for both the cat and the owner. Great to read about this since I’ve never attempted taking care of my cat by myself before, it is always by the vet. So, I’m kind of glad I came across this.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Tracy,

      I agree. It is much easier for cat and human to have a treatment that does not need to be ingested. It is easy to put on the fur and not something to be dreaded. My cats don’t mind much since it is just a few drops and doesn’t have much smell. 

      I hope you can try these drops if your cat ever needs them. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  20. Selenity Jade

    Hi, Jessica!!  Love the article, but I love anything you post on your site.  It’s also awesome to read the various experiences you’ve had utilizing these products and their success.  To be honest, I’m often leery of people using ‘natural’ products and recommending them on pets, because a lot of them do insane stuff like try to treat worms with garlic, which is toxic to cats, or essential oils (some of which are very toxic to cats too!), instead of going to the vet.  I love how you advocate for people to take their cats to the vet first for these problems instead of self-treating with natural stuff, as it could be a serious medical issue instead of behavioral.  

    I definitely agree that some products are excellent after you rule out a medical condition, though!  There’s no harm in trying stuff that is specifically labeled for cats or doesn’t cause harm (after thorough research or asking your vet, of course).  Cats cannot be fooled by a placebo effect, so it’s awesome these actually work!  

    People in horseracing swear that magnesium added to a horse’s feed will calm a nervous horse.  So I’m trying it for myself, because I’m on a lot of medication.  I do lean more on the medicine side of things, simply because when something is proven really, really effective, it becomes medicine, like marijuana.  

    Did you know that Panacur C for dogs (and it’s off-label use is for cats) is actually being studied as a cure for cancer?  It’s a deworming medication and it has successfully helped mice AND people in cancer studies.  Crazy, right?! That said, that’s clearly medicine, but it’s amazing how a lot of medical professionals will support other ways of healing.

    My vet prescribed probiotics for diarrhea in a kitten for me.  It did work.  I love how accurate your site is with this stuff, thank you!  That is truly hard to find!

    1. Jessica (Post author)


      Thank you! I am so glad you find my posts useful. I always take my cats to the vet if anything comes up just to make sure there is no serious medical issue. For most of the conditions they have the vets have no medical solution specific to cats. My one boy gets Pepcid and Miralax (human medications) approved by the vet and occasionally antibiotics for upper respiratory infections. Everything else my cats get is non prescription however such as the Jackson Galaxy Safe Space for Cats Drops, pheromone calming products (which the vets use at the clinic to keep pets calm), Pet Alive supplements for immunity and tooth and gum health etc. The natural products and human over the counter products work better than (and are cheaper than) most medications from the vet. In many cases (except when antibiotics are needed) they are more effective as well. 

      Vets are coming to realize that there are natural treatments for most conditions and if something works they are all for it. 

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for your support!


      1. Rochelle Pritchett

        My vet uses a pheromone calming product on a towel in the rooms with cats, too! It does work, kind of weird on Buddy. He once spent the whole time with his nose against the towel, then started kneading at it. It’s weird because he isn’t a kneading cat usually. It was like catnip got dumped on it, except he isn’t affected by catnip. So strange.

        Horses get Pepcid too, although in horse form, so you can dose it right. It’s crazy the stuff that cats can get. I was watching Jackson Galaxy videos last night. Apparently, he had a bipolar cat that required medication on it, which I hadn’t even known was possible. Just the things you learn!

        1. Jessica (Post author)

          That sounds cute with your cat pressing his nose into the towel. The pheromone products really work! It is amazing how similar we all are…people, cat, horses, dogs. We get a lot of the same health problems and can use a lot of similar treatments sometimes.


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