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Cat Trees for Large Cats

Large Cat Tree

Do you have a big cat and need a large cat tree?

Cat trees for large cats can be great for exercise, security for the cat to feel safe and entertainment for your cat. Most are extremely expensive however and many are poorly constructed. If you want to find cat trees for large cats that are affordable and sturdy, I can help.

Large cat tree with two cats sitting on it.

This great cat tree is sturdy, large and affordable!

My top recommendation

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree  is 6 feet tall with three towers and two kitty condo boxes. It has two ladders and two mouse toys attached.  Reviewers say these last a very long time and give the cat tree high marks overall. The 4,795 reviews on Amazon are what made me choose it. I ordered this cat tree when we recently moved in order to give my three cats some vertical space in a smaller home. I wanted a very tall cat tree that was sturdy and had enough room for all three of my 15 and 16 pound cats. This model had a fairly compact footrprint that was both sturdy enough to support the height due to 4 legs and also gave my cats a variety of options for sleeping, climbing and scratching. All vertical legs are wrapped in sisal rope to provide a total of 10 scratching posts.


My experience with the Go Pet Club Cat Tree

My cats all love this cat tree. I bought it for the following reasons:

It is tall (6 feet, or 72 inches)

It had over 4,000 reviews on with an average 4.5 out of 5 star rating. This was a very high percentage of high reviews.

It was reviewed to be sturdy and hold up to large cats.

It has three towers, one for each of my cats so there don’t need to be any arguments over who is on top!

It was much more affordable than tall cat trees in stores and more affordable than most similar sized cat trees online as well.

It has rope wrapped legs instead of carpeted. My cats and most cats I know need rope for scratching posts, not carpet.

So far the Go Pet Club Cat Tree has proven to be stable, sturdy and popular with my cats. I was worried about getting one so tall since it seemed they could tip it all the way over. This is definitely not the case. I have not seen it tip even with all three cats running up and down. It is close to a corner however so I don’t know if it was in the middle of a room and extremely large cats could climb up the back if it could somehow tip. I think that would be very difficult and certainly not possible where I have it set up.





*Doesn’t tip over,

*Rope wrapped legs provide 10 scratching posts,

*Three towers,

*Two cat box condos,

*All tower and box surfaces are carpeted,

*Two attached, dangling mouse toys,

*Two carpeted ladders which kittens could use to access cat tree without jumping.


*No padding under the plush carpet on platforms (my cats don’t seem to mind and sleep on them all the time),

*The ladders are very steep. My cats do not use the bottom one at all. I read that some people just remove it to save space. If you had kittens however, they could climb up the ladder to access the cat tree and it would be very effective.

*Dangling mouse toy closest to edge can bang against the wall if cats are actively playing with it and cat tree is close to a wall. Solutions: You could shorten the string, cut off the toy, or swap out the towers so the one with the mouse toy attached is further from a wall.

Overall, for the price I can’t recommend a better cat tree.

Other options for tall cat trees

The Mirax Cat Activity Tree Cat Tower with Condo/House Design-No-8 is not as tall as the Go Pet Club tower. It is 61.4 inches tall and has a smaller base that is 22 by 22 inches. It has only one tower but the top has a very plush, cushioned pet bed. If you don’t need three towers or such a tall cat tower, this is a smaller and even more affordable option. Like the Go Pet Club tree, it also has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.


The Mirax Cat Activity Tree Cat Tower with Condo/House Design-No 2 has a greater variety of entertainment for your cats than the Design NO-8 above and also shares the same 4.5 start rating with the rest of the Mirax cat tree designs.

If you are looking for cat trees for large cats I hope you can find one here. Let me know if you get one of these great deals in cat trees and how your cats like them! If you are interested in my top recommendation for dry cat food that is extremely nutritious but still affordable, please check out my review here! If you want a great cat litter, may I recommend this?


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  1. Wendy

    I love it. I have 2 cats and they love climbing like all cats. I also have some smaller cat trees but I am unable to spend money on any of the bigger ones. Is there a do it yourself for any of the trees? I would like to know what other toys are out there for the cats. More info please!

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thank you so much! I meant to link my cat toy post to this one and forgot! Here is the link:

      These are just basic toys but I hope to add some more interesting ones in time as well as the feeding toys that make them think and work for their dry food!

      Yes, I have seen plans for building cat trees but I have not used any myself. If you find a good one let me know!


  2. Don Herman

    A very helpful review. There are SO MANY of these things out there, and they all seem OK from online, but then you get them set up and the problems show up. But you’ve actually used it, so now I can really trust it. Thanks!

    You said you thought kittens could make it up with the ladder, is that right?

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Yes, to me the ladder is really only useful for kittens. I don’t have any kittens to use it but with their sharp little claws they would surely scramble right up! The big cats just jump up anyway and ignore the ladders. They may also help old cats that don’t want to jump as well. The bottom one is very steep though so it seems to be more for climbing than walking up.

      Thanks Don!


  3. Amy

    This is great! I love the Go Pet Club Cat Tree. My cat is older and may not be able to get to the top, but my home is small and I love the use of vertical space! The other cat trees look great as well, but this one has the features I am looking for, and I like the sisal rope around the posts. Thanks!

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Amy,

      I am glad you like the look of this cat tree. I do wish the ladders were not so steep. My cats don’t use them at all and I have thought of just taking the bottom one off altogether! For the price I really don’t think you can find a better deal though!

      Let me know if you get it or a different one and what you think!


  4. Jean

    I’ve looked online for cat trees before but for some reason never came across this one. This one seems like a good one to get for my Mooch, for the following reasons:

    1) It’s less expensive than a lot of other cat trees on the market that are the same size.
    2) It’s 6 feet tall, which is pretty high up, and anyone who knows anything about cats knows that cats don’t have acrophobia but just the opposite, which is a love of being on high places!
    3) Lots of good customer reviews, which means it’s not only “sturdy”, as you say, but must be durable and good quality too, even though it’s affordable.

    Needless to say, Mooch will be getting a new cat tree soon.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hi Jean,

      So far mine has held up well even with three large (16 pound) cats. They have not broken anything or knocked anything lose. Even the mouse toys are still attached. The fabric covering on one of the platforms has come lose on one side. I think I will just glue it down at some point but it isn’t too big of a deal. The screw in the middle makes it impossible to come off altogether. I do wish this cat tree had some padding on the platforms but my cats don’t seem to mind at all! My one boy sleeps on his every single day and looks so happy. I suppose if there was padding it could be torn up if they scratched at it anyway.

      I look forward to hearing what you think once you get it. Make sure when you put it together you tighten everything well.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Justin C.

    I really feel bad for cat owners that do not have cat trees for their companions. Cats are truly a blast to have and they have feeling and personalities just like humans. When people choose not to invest in vertical space i feel that there are some repercussions that can affect your furry friends.

    I’m not quite sure what those may be exactly because i have always enjoyed being creative with the environment my cats live in. I like to put myself in the mind of the cats and wonder “what would i like if i was a cat?”

    Sounds crazy, i know but my cats have had a really enjoyable life so far. I can’t always give them all my attention so its nice to know that they have a means of having an entertaining life when i can’t be there.

    What i really like about the Go Pet Club Cat Tree is the 2 cat condos (i love that) the ten scratching post, and the three tower so the cats wont get bored .

    I also like the fact that the towers are tall because cat really do like to climb and they feel more safe when they have an aerial view of their surroundings.

    One more feature that i really like is the sturdiness because in the past i have simply moved my cats tree and it was never stable again. I had to place it in the corner to minimize the rocking.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hi Justin,

      Yes, I really like the size and sturdiness of this cat tree as well. It has held up well so far even though we have 3 cats all around 16 pounds! My long-haired boy sits on one of the towers every single day to look out the window. There are trees right there outside the window and he gets a great close-up view of the birds! There are chickadees, nuthatches, juncos, sparrows and sometimes even warblers right there just a few feet away. It is the perfect cat blind.

      Thanks for your comments. I can’t imagine having no vertical space for my cats. They really do better when they have it.

  6. Rob

    I do not have a cat but this seems like a very helpful article to owners and people that are looking to get one. My sister just recently got a cat and she does not have a tree for her cat. I am going to let her take a look at this ones. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thanks Rob. A cat tree is a multi-purpose piece of furniture for cats. It provides them space, security, entertainment, scratching posts and exercise. I do recommend them for most cats. The exception may be a very old cat that can’t get up on it.


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  8. Shirley

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I have only one small kitty, but he’s quite young and energetic so we need something sturdy for him to bounce around on, the cat trees I’ve been looking at in stores all seem a bit fragile. I’m a bit of a numpty with construction though, was this easy to put together?

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Shirley,

      The instructions are not helpful since they are in another language (at the time we got ours, maybe they have added English now) but there are pictures. We were able to put it together just fine without them though. It was easy to make it match the pictures and it only fits together one way. It comes with the little wrench needed so you don’t need any other tools. It does not require any special tools, great strength or skill. You should be ok. 

      Thank you for your question and for stopping by!

      I hope you can get the cat tree and it works for you. I am impressed at how well ours has held up to our three 16 pound cats. Two of them are rowdy boys and chase each other up the tree all the time. They love all the scratching posts as well and since there are 10 of them, I shouldn’t need to get a scratching post for years!


  9. Jenny azcat

    The cat absolutely loves this cat tree! He sleeps in there the majority of the day and easily runs in and out of it 20+ times. He became highly interested in it the moment I started unpacking the boxes and hasn’t lost interest since. Construction is sturdy and even though the cat leaps up into this thing many times, I never get the feeling that it may tip over or break at all. Occasionally I catch a dog up in there too….i don’t know what goes on in my house when no ones home but even when I am home the cat acts like a dog and one of the dogs acts like a cat. I will be purchasing another model from this same company in the near future for the basement as soon as I save enough money to do so.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Good! I am so glad your cat loves it Jenny! My cats certainly do. I needed a huge tree by this brand since I have 4 cats now! I have not seen a dog in one but I don’t have small dogs. I am sure that is cute.

      Thank you for letting me know you and your cat likes it!


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