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Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

What are some great cat toys for indoor cats?  Anything that gets them moving and mimicking their natural behaviors is great. Each cat is different but here are some popular cat toys that are my kitties’  favorites! You can think of cat toys in terms of the natural activity they mimic. Specifically, cats toys can mimic these stages of the hunting process: Hiding, chasing,  pouncing,  and biting!  These same actions are all part of young cat’s play both in the wild for big cats like tiger and lions and in the house for domestic cats. Let your indoor cat be his true, wild self with these fun and affordable toys to mimic their natural hunting drive.

My top recommendation. The Go Pet Club Cat Tree from Amazon.

Before I get to the hiding, chasing, pouncing and biting, here is my top recommendation. This is a tall, sturdy and affordable cat tree. This gives cats exercise, the security of being up high and a great way to chase each other and play. It also provides a vantage point to look out windows which all cats seem to love! I was so glad to find a great cat tree at an affordable price. You can read my review of this cat tree here.

1. Hiding.

This is how they hunt in the wild, hiding, crouched down and waiting to pounce! Hiding and pouncing are also one of the most common forms of cat play when they are young.

2. Pouncing and chasing.

This is step two of the hunt and the favorite part for most cats!

There are a lot of toys in this category. I have noticed that some cats prefer toys in the air (feather toys etc.) and some prefer toys that move on the floor (string to chase, balls, anything moving to pounce on). My first cat Tigger loves things to chase on the floor.  His new favorite in this category is a track toy with a ball that stays inside the track. He loves it! He likes to bat the ball around, pounce on it, lounge on the track and just hang out there. It is great to have a toy that can’t get lost! Unlike a ball, small mouse toy or catnip toy, the ball stays in the track and can’t get lost under the couch or accidentally thrown on the table or in the garbage can when tosses in the air. (After several weeks of play however, the track finally came apart and I had to go looking for the ball). The tracks need to be put together and this is not the most solid piece but the price is affordable. If you don’t mind the construction it will last longer than a catnip and chew type toy. Those are the cheapest, but they also need to be replaced often. If your cat is very rambunctious this may come apart and need to be put back togethter!

Cats are very individualistic.  One of my cats loves this! One is so-so on it and one of my cats has little interest. If you have a young, active or curious cat this will probably be a hit. An older, sedate cat might not be as excited by it, but it doesn’t cost too much to try it out! It is a great way for them to get a little movement and activity even if you or other kitties aren’t there to play with them. My cat seems to like it best when I start the ball rolling for him and then he goes and goes on his own. This will really get your cat moving and active if they like to chase things.

This little toy is space efficient and provides a good deal of entertainment. My boys like to sit on either side of this and bat the balls back and forth.

3. Biting, chewing and clawing.

This is just pure fun especially if catnip is involved…lots of wrestling involved!

This little dynamite stick catnip toy is all my cat’s favorite. All three of them love this thing. It seems so simple but they like the shape and size since it is long enough that they can hug it while chewing on one end and kicking their hind feet to scratch the other end all at the same time! The only problem is a cat who likes to chew will gnaw on this until the catnip comes out so you will need to replace it. They are super cheap however and fairly tough compared to some toys so give one to your kitty for just a few dollars and they will love it!

I will add more toys later but these are the basics that my cats like and play with every day. I would say the tunnel is the one they use the most of any of their toys, closely followed by the dynamite stick.

Make your kitties feel like predators with these cat toys for indoor cats!!




  1. Linda

    Great ideas! They are such little individuals. One of my cats loves to scratch, jump, and chase. The other one barely moves after anything. I think the tunnel would be a great addition to their toys. Will have to see if it can be shipped to Mexico.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hi Linda,
      I think the tunnel is great, especially if you have multiple cats as they can play hide and seek with it. Even my sedate girl likes it and the two rowdy boys love to hide and ambush each other through it and play with one inside and one outside.

      Please let me know if Amazon will ship it to Mexico. I would love to know! They are very lightweight and small when rolled up so it should be pretty affordable shipping.

      Thanks for your comment,


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