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What is The Best Cat Food For a Sensitive Stomach?

What is the Best Cat Food For a Sensitive Stomach?

If your cat throws up all the time or has diarrhea regularly it could be due to food allergies or more accurately “intolerances”. Some of the most common foods that cause allergies and intolerances for cats are wheat, corn, dairy, fish and beef but each cat is different and they could be allergic to many different ingredients. My cat can’t have rabbit for example. If you suspect your cat has digestive problems due to food intolerance, you might wonder what is the best cat for a sensitive stomach? While there is no one food that will be the answer for every cat, here is what worked for our kitty who got diarrhea from many foods. It is Solid Gold brand Indigo Moon Cat Food. It has solid five star reviews on Amazon as well.

What is an Allergy vs. an Intolerance?

So what is an allergy versus an intolerance? A food allergy is an immune reaction that causes similar reactions to those found in people. In cats this might be dry skin, itching or other problems with the coat and skin. Food intolerances are a digestive problem and often result in diarrhea and or vomiting. This is just a general rule however, there can be many symptoms of each. Intolerances can cause skin problems and itching as well.

A vet check up will be required to determine if the problem is something serious. If nothing is found the vet might suggest a diet to assess which foods may be causing the problem. Each cat is an individual so there is not one food that will work for every cat with a food allergy or intolerance. We tried many foods for our cat and it seemed he was sensitive to every one. He threw up and got diarrhea from many different types of foods. We tried introducing food slowly but it never got better.

Finally a Food that Worked!

We finally found a food that is grain-free, has great natural ingredients and best of all, didn’t make our kitty sick! It is the Solid Gold line of cat foods. It is also much more affordable than other allergy varieties that are recommended such as Hill’s Prescription.  It comes in a wide range of varieties such as our current favorite “Fit as a Fiddle Low Fat, Low Calorie, with Fresh Caught Alaska Pollock“. This food helps keep the kitties weight down, they love the taste, it has great ingredients and everybody is finally healthy!

Ingredients in Cat Food that Can Cause Allergies and Intolorance

Food allergies and intolerances can develop from ingredients that we as humans or our pet eat often. If they eat beef all the time they might develop an intolerance to beef. For this reason foods that have unusual proteins like those found in the Solid Gold line such as quail and duck (and in our case chicken and Pollock) might work better than beef. Apparently, our kitty is not intolerant to fish as the variety we feed him now has Pollock and he is fine. He couldn’t have the variety with rabbit however. These foods are also gluten free. Gluten is one of the common food allergens for cats, so this is great. Gluten also encourages weight gain which leads to many health issues like diabetes. In the wild a predator would never eat gluten or any other grain for that matter. Cats are obligate carnivores meaning they are built to process meat.

You may have to try several different varieties to figure out what your cat can have but it will be worth it once you finally hit the jackpot and have a healthy kitty! It was a huge relief to find a food that did not give our kitty diarrhea!!  Solid Gold sells small bags also, so you can try one and see what works.

Please leave a comment below if you try Solid Gold and let me know what you think!



  1. Joy Nelson

    What an awesome site!

    I am feeding my cats Taste of the Wild. It has always worked well for my older cat but our younger cat seems to end up with all kinds of digestive issues. I am not sure if it’s his food or the fact that he has started hunting and eats voles….which he didn’t do before. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.



    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Joy,
      Thank you so much for your comment. Taste of the Wild looks like a great food. I see the cat formulas listed on the website both have fish in them. It is possible he could have an allergy or intolerance to fish as that is one of the common triggers for cats. The allergies and intolerances can develop over time if they are fed the same thing.

      My cat when I was a kid ate voles all the time. They can throw up after eating voles but I don’t recall he threw up very often (any more often then usual). Could you keep him inside for a few days so that he couldn’t catch any voles and see if he still has the digestive issues? Then you might have a better idea if the voles are the problem or something else. If he still has the problems then maybe try changing his food to one without fish for a while.

      Our poor Tigger had bad diarrhea that was due to food intolerances. He still throws up but that seems to be due to stomach acid. We currently give him a quarter of a Pepcid tablet twice per day. His vet approved this. It has to be regular Pepcid AC (the original kind), rather than extra strength or the chewable tablets. Those have ingredients cats can’t have. I would rather find a natural solution for this but in the meantime it helps him a lot. I am trying prebiotics and a pancreases booster also to help his digestion.

      Let me know what happens. I hope you can figure it out!

  2. Joy

    Hi Jessica,

    My two insanely healthy dogs both fell ill as well. I truly thought it was the new surroundings, but I switched back to their normal foods (less expensive and not as guaranteed to be wholesome) and they are literally all doing fine again. Such a strange phenomena. I guess I should just stick to what works!

    Thanks for your kind, caring and intelligent response!


    1. Jessica (Post author)


      Wow! That is interesting. I am glad they are all doing better now!
      Take care and visit again.

  3. Melissa

    My cat throws up once in a while but I never thought about the food she eats, I guess because its not often. My cat is a long haired Himalayan and my thought was her grooming and getting hairballs which would make her throw up. Is this food for hairball treatment also?

    1. Jessica (Post author)


      Thank you for your question. I see in the comments, some cat owners say their cats don’t get hairballs anymore when they are on the Solid Gold food though the foods are not advertised as being for hairballs specifically. Here is a great article that explains why hairballs are the result of diet, specifically cat foods with grains in them. If that is the case, then a grain free food would essentially be a great choice if your cat has hairballs and actually address the cause of the problem. Hairball formula foods can actually make the problem worse as they are high in fiber further damaging the intestines.

      Good luck with your kitty!



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