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How to Keep Cat Litter From Tracking

How to Keep Cat Litter From Tracking

Does cat litter get all over your floor? Do you step on it and worry that it is getting tracked everywhere? Do you have to sweep or vacuum it every single day? I can’t imagine using anything other than a top entry litter box now to solve this problem. This is how I keep cat litter from tracking.

Try the Clevercat Litter Box

If you have cat litter tracked all over your house you are normal. Most everyone with a cat wonders how to keep cat litter from tracking outside the box. Mats help but don’t do nearly enough. Regular cat boxes have an opening so low that enthusiastic cats can kick the litter right out of the box. Dogs and small children can also get into the box which is a problem. The Clevercat litter box is unique and really keeps litter in the box and everyone else out. If you are wondering how to keep cat litter from tracking, check out this box.

The Clevercat litter box looks kind of like a plastic tote with a circular hole cut in the lid. It has grooves in the lid which trap litter. My husband and I wondered if we could just make one ourselves or get a cheaper version. We tried both of those options and I much prefer the original Clevercat box. The Clevercat box is the only one that traps cat litter on the lid so it doesn’t track all over the house. It is also easy to clean and made of more sturdy material than a tote. Many totes also have ridges inside that make it difficult to clean. A review on Amazon for the Clevercat box comments that the material is more odor resistant than totes as well. She said she tried to make her own and wishes that she had just bought the Clevercat in the first place.

1,500 Reviews of Clevercat Box on Amazon

There are over 1,500 reviews on Amazon for the Clevercat litter box and the total rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Some of the negative comments say they wish the box was bigger. My cats are large at about 15 pounds each and all 3 of them like the box. I do wish it was a tiny bit bigger but if you have a normal size cat you will be fine! Mine are definitely above average in size! A 4.5 star rating out of 1,500 reviews is a great average so I see there are many cat owners who agree this is a great litter box! Many positive comments state that this is finally the solution they found to litter tracking.

Another reason I like the Clevercat box is that it eliminates the problem of pee dripping out of the box! This is just a mess. We had to clean up cat pee from the sides of our old box and the mat underneath almost every day. This is what prompted us to try the Clevercat box. It works! No more pee to clean up. Everything is contained.

Another positive I see in the reviews comes from owners who say this Clevercat keeps their dogs out of the box as well. It would also keep babies and toddlers out of the box!!

A Cheaper and Ineffective Alternative

I tried the cheaper knock of version of this box and have been disappointed. It is cheaper but the litter still gets tracked everywhere. If you want a box that opens at the top and don’t mind some litter getting away still you could try this Petmate Top Entry Litter Box. It will keep babies and dogs out but it does not work so well to keep the litter contained. This is an improvement over traditional litter boxes however since the entry is at the top so the only litter that gets tracked out is what is on the cat’s paws, not what can be kicked out while digging. I also like that the lid on the Petmate box is easy to remove for cleaning. This box is a made from a lighter material than the Clevercat box however and can be tippy if enough litter isn’t added.

Note that the Clevercat box is not recommended for elderly cats or those with mobility issues. They must be able to comfortably jump up and then out of the box. However, my adult cats ranging in age from 5 to 9 years, LOVE this box. They seem to think it is an adventure every time they get in it. I think the shape with the hole in the top makes it more fun and entertaining.

Two Superior Litters

If you want a litter that is good at controlling odors, lightweight, all natural, biodegradable, anti bacterial and affordable check out my review of the variety of Okocat Litters or look at Okocat Litter on Amazon.

If you are wondering how to keep cat litter from tracking all around your house or how to keep babies and dogs out of the box, the Clevercat box has the answer. It is also made in the USA!

If you want the ultimate non tracking litter. Combine the Clevercat box with World’s Best Cat Litter. It is not my top litter choice but it is my second choice and it is 99% dust free as well as the best I have found for not tracking. It is even better than Okocat for this.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you use a Clevercat box or what kind of box you have found is superior.


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  1. Edward

    wow great site I really enjoy reading your post about cat litter. my wife and I have two cats and its impossible to have a clean litter free home. I really like the idea of The Clevercat litter box but I feel like I have try it all and from some reason I just can’t have a litter free home. I also like the information you provided about the The Clevercat litter box and you honestly got me in the mood to try it out . keep up the good work and thank you for the great information you provided us.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hi Edward,

      I have tried so many boxes and litters. I really do like these ones the best. Let me know if you try them and what you think! I would love to get some more feedback. I would still recommend a mat in front of the box just to catch the few bits that may get tracked out but the difference is dramatic!Very litter litter outside the box. I wish I figured this out years ago!

      Thanks for your comment,


  2. Lauren Kinghorn

    Hi Jessica, wow, looks like one clever person designed the clever cat litter box. Really cool. I might even have considered using a litter box if we had them here in South Africa. However, it’s so warm here that our cats can happily use the great outdoors as their litter box. 😉 P.S.You’ll be pleased to know that 2 ginger cats have adopted us. They belong to someone who lives nearby but they spent most of their days with us, They were Midnight’s closest friends so we are really happy to have them in our lives. We feed them because they always arrive here very hungry, but I figure any vet bills will be for the real owner’s account. 😉 Do you think we’re being irresponsible feeding them?

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for the comment. I am glad you have some kitties around. Do you think they are actually hungry as in not getting enough food? Are they thin? If so then you are certainly not being irresponsible feeding them! If people want to have pets they should care for them! The owners don’t sound like they are doing that.



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