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How to Help Pets in Hurricane Harvey

How to Help Pets in Hurricane Harvey- Week 2 Update

Last week I gave you a list of major organizations and shelters which are rescuing pets from the Hurricane Harvey flooding. Please see that post for links to the groups working to rescue, dogs, cats, horses, livestock and other animals. That post also lists resources for people who had to evacuate with a pet.

Here is an update as more pets are moved out of the flooded area to shelters around the country and how you can help.

Best Friends Animal Society Deploys Response Team to Flood.

The Best Friends Animal Society deployed it’s disaster response team to rescue and transport pets displaced by Harvey flooding. They need donations to support the rescue efforts, transport pets to shelters in other areas, rebuild local shelters and reunite pets and their owners.

They also have a lost and found pets page.

Cats from Hurricane Harvey moved to Chicago

There appear to be more groups rescuing dogs than cats from the Hurricane Harvey flood. Here is a shelter called Felines & Canines that saw this need and decided to help cats in particular.

This story at this link gives information about the need for cat rescues and the shelter in Chicago that needs help to rescue 100 of them.

Felines & Canines  needs donations for the rescues to be transported to Chicago as well as medical services when they get there. Here is the link to their donation page on their website.

Emancipet is a non-profit working to provide low cost veterinary services and keep owners and their pets together.

They need donations for medical supplies to meet the need after Hurricane Harvey. You can donate on their site donation page here. They are taking in many cats from small towns flooded by Harvey.

Seattle Humane taking in hundreds of dogs and cats.

Seattle Humane is in the process of taking in hundreds of dogs and cats displaced by Hurricane Harvey flooding. You can donate, volunteer, adopt and find out which organizations they are partnered with here. They are starting to receive some of the 300 dogs and cats they pledged to rescue from the flooded areas around Houston and those pets are available for adoption now.

Atlanta Humane take 110 dogs and cats from Houston SPCA.

Atlanta Humane was one of the first shelters to take dogs and cats from Houston. They received 110 dogs and cats 2 days ago. They could use donations and need people to adopt. This story has video of the rescued pets.

80 dogs taken to New Jersey from Harvey flood.

70 dogs and cats taken to the San Francisco SPCA and other shelters in the Bay Area from Houston.

34 dogs from San Antonio taken to Oregon.


These are just some of the rescue efforts being taken on around the country to help the pets affected by the flooding. Please check your local area shelters to see what you can do, donate to one of the organizations listed above or to one of the shelters listed in my post from last week about the main shelters and rescue groups involved. Some of these are Austin Pets Alive and the Houston SPCA which bear the brunt of the rescues. Houston SPCA has resources for lost and found pets in the area as well on their website. They need donations, supplies (see which ones are needed in my post), volunteers and people to adopt or foster pets.

If you have a horse or other animals or need to find a place to help you if you had to evacuate with your pet, my post from last week has resources listed.

Thank you so much for your help!

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  1. Brent

    Amazing what humans can do. Some can actually leave their animals behind to drown or fend for themselves. Thank goodness there are other humans who will actually pick up the slack of these disgusting humans and take care of the wet pets!!

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thanks Brent. I appreciate you stopping by. There are so many people that devote their lives to helping animals in need but so many more who don’t care or can’t be bothered. I hope to spread the word and get those interested in helping, actually involved.


  2. Helen

    Great information and resource! It is so sad that people left their animals behind during the hurricane 🙁 I did not realize there were so many organizations rescuing animals. Sometimes humans surprise us.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hi Helen,
      Actually a lot more animals were rescued in this hurricane than in Katrina. Now the Coast Guard, Navy etc. will take pets. That didn’t happen before. Still there are so many pets that are homeless or lost or otherwise alone. Thanks for caring!

  3. Tim

    Nice post! Minnesota has sent people there to bring animals from Texas to back to Minnesota to be cared for, hopefully they get returned to their owners after the storm clean up.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thanks for letting me know Tim. I heard the animals brought to other cities did not have owners and they are trying to keep the shelters open for those pets that do have owners so they can stay closer. Maybe now they have to take the other pets out now too since there isn’t enough room! If there is any large scale rescue effort in Minnesota that requires donations or volunteers, you can let me know and I will add it to my posts here so people can help.


  4. Lynne

    So sad that during a stressful time the owners and pets are separated from each other! Thank you for the post that is giving out this encouraging information. I hate to see any animal suffer! They must all be emotionally suffering during the separation as well. I hope they can be reunited soon, those who have owners. I hope many will open their homes for adopting the ones without owners!


    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Yes, absolutely Lynne! Thank you for your comment and for caring about these sweet pets!

  5. Craig

    Another one worth adding would be PAWS Chicago. This is where I volunteer and I know we took on several pets, cats included. We had a specific group of kittens that had ringworm that had to be quarantined for quite a while before we could put them out for adoption, but they are all out on the floor now and available to move into a new home! Super cute they are too!

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      That is good to know Craig. It makes me so sad to see the hurricane pets now in high kill shelters! I repost these pets that only have a few days left on Twitter every day.
      Thanks for volunteering to rescue these sweeties!


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