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Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell !

Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell!

There is nothing worse than the lingering smell of cat pee that permeates fabric. It seems impossible to clean. Regular cleaners just can’t do the job because cat pee is unique. It is composed of some of the same components that make skunk spray so pungent such as thiols which are released when the urea is broken down by bacteria. Cat pee also contains uric acid which is especially strong and lasts for years! Only enzymes can break down the uric acid.  You need an enzymatic cleaner to tackle cat pee. So, what cleaner should you use to get rid of cat urine smell?

Enzymatic Cleaners

There are a number of enzymatic cleaners available. I use the Nature’s Miracle line. Specifically the Just for Cats Urine Destroyer and the Laundry Boost Pet Odor and Stain Remover Additive. I use the Just for Cat’s Urine Destroyer as directed which requires letting it air dry, then for small items such as clothing or throw rugs, I also use the Laundry Boost afterward. I have saved bath mats and clothes this way that would otherwise need to be thrown out!

The regular Urine Destroyer formula also comes in a very handy, large, battery powered sprayer jug. This seems like overkill, but it is cheaper then buying multiple smaller bottles and the sprayer is really handy for dealing with large carpeted areas or multiple areas. Also, spray bottles don’t work well when tipped. With the powered sprayer, you can spray at different angles. However, this is the regular Urine Destroyer, not the Cat version. it may not be quite as strong.

The line also makes a Skunk Odor Remover, a Bird Cage Cleaner and Deodorizer, Just for Ferrets Pet Stain and Odor Remover, Cage Cleaner and Deodorizer for Small Animals and more such as Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo! They have you covered for every pet odor and stain imaginable. There are even more products in this great line. They all use a bio-enzymatic formula.

The enzymatic cleaners are natural, safe for pets and they work! However, you MUST follow the directions! You can’t take shortcuts here. The recommendation for the Just for Cats Urine Destroyer is to blot up any liquid if the stain is fresh, then saturate the area with the product, let it air dry, then apply again and let dry. This seems long and slow but it is worth it to have the problem fixed! The enzymes need time to work and break down the uric acid. It breaks the uric acid down into ammonia and carbon dioxide which evaporate. If you rush the process it won’t work.

The bio-enzymatic formula is non-toxic and was developed to be used around pre-schoolers and the founders own pets! Regular cleaners may appear to work at first, but the smell comes back! This is because the uric acid crystals reform when exposed to humidity. The smell can just reappear out of the blue if it is not removed with an enzymatic cleaner.

If you have pet smells on you carpet, on your clothes, on your furniture or anywhere else, try Nature’s Miracle.  Get rid of cat urine smell with a product designed for the specific compounds involved.

Another Option, Natural Borax to lift stains and smells.

I have recently discovered another method to lift cat urine stains and smells out of carpet. If it soaks down through the carpet into the carpet pad, cleaners including enzymatic cleaners may not be able to reach the stain and clean it. It was advised the carpet would have to be lifted up and the carpet pad removed! This could be a huge inconvenience. A much easier and cheaper solution is to use Borax. This natural mineral is a white powder that looks like baking soda. Simply wet the area to be cleaned with regular water. Make sure it is saturated. Then pour borax on top in a thick layer. Let it sit to dry. This may take several days! Then scoop up the excess and vacuum up the residue in the carpet. Within just a minute the white powder will turn yellow as it sucks the stain up. You can see it working! After the borax has dried and you clean and vacuum it up, the smell will be much better. Depending on how deep the stain was soaked in, you may want to do this whole process twice. This is by far the most cost effective solution to removing cat urine smell. You can use borax in it’s traditional role as a laundry additive also to remove cat urine smell from clothes or other fabrics!

Make sure your cat is healthy with this easy monitor.

If you want to make sure your cat doesn’t have a medical problem requiring a vet check, try this affordable, easy litter additive that changes color to indicate pH of urine. If urine pH is too high or too low both of which can indicate serious problems, take your kitty to the vet. Of course if your cat is not urinating normally, crying in the box, stopped drinking or has any other symptoms, don’t wait! Take them to the vet immediately. I use this product to check periodically and just make sure my cats are all healthy.

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  1. Timea

    Hi Jessica! I’m so glad that you have this cleaner formula here because you were right! There is nothing worse than the smell of cat urine! And it is so strong! Do you know if I could use it on silk as well?
    Thank you for your help here!

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Timea,

      I see on their website they say not to use on silk…sorry! I actually didn’t know that was a problem so I am glad you asked! Do you have other fabrics that need to be cleaned or just silk?

      Thanks for your question,



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